Posted by Sophie-Ha Monday, December 14, 2020

Protest trucks sent in front of Big Hit Entertainment's building saying the company has lost their roots and cares too much about stock prices


After going public and chasing the bottom-line to please investors, there is a growing number of fans who are expressing their dissatisfaction with the Big Hit Labels.

Recently, a few photos of protest trucks parked in front of the Big Hit Entertainment's company building spread across the online communities

The protesting trucks pointed out that the company has lost its roots and they only care about profits and the stock price. Fans also requested for the BTS-based 'Youth' drama to permanently stop production and fans also expressed their anger about the joint concert claiming that Big Hit Labels is trying to use the group's popularity.

The fans posted a statement saying, "Big Hit Entertainment is trying to use BTS to gain recognition. Big Hit Entertainment stated they would decrease their dependency on BTS and planned the joint concert, but this concert is only using BTS and ARMY to gain success with the joint label concert.

Big Hit Label also stated they would have a joint concert every year with a different theme, but that is taking away a chance for BTS and ARMY to meet every year. The company has also made ticketing prices very high despite being a concert that is with all other artists, not a BTS solo concert. It is a price that is too high for all fans, not only BTS fans."

Netizens held a fervent discussion in an online community as they argued with one another whether the protest trucks are reasonable or not. Netizens commented, "I understand the fans are upset about the drama, but I really don't understand them being upset over the concert," "I think the protest trucks are reasonable, I feel Big Hit has lost its roots because they care so much about stocks," "Are there any other fandoms that like joint concerts?" "I wish they cancel the yearly joint concert," "I really do support their protest against the drama, but I really think BTS fans sometimes think they are BTS themselves," and "I don't know why these fans are protesting against the joint concert. They are being so rude, I feel."

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henry1984342,639 pts Monday, December 14, 2020 3
Monday, December 14, 2020

bighit is a company of course they're going to use bts's popularity to make as much money as they can people are so naive to think they weren't going to do that of course they're going to do it also also there's nothing wrong with them actually doing it because BTS also benefits from them making money


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zeroli1,277 pts Monday, December 14, 2020 6
Monday, December 14, 2020

Instead of wasting money on protesting, wouldn't it better to just let things play out the way it is, they protest about the drama and the concert, so just don't support it and let them fail, they'll make them realize what they did wrong. Also they are running a business, money and profits is important obviously, fans probably forgot but BTS are now also sharing holders and makes money as well from profits.


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