Posted by Sophie-Ha Monday, December 14, 2020

Would you rather be a non-popular member of a well-known girl group or a well-known member of a non-popular group?


On December 14th, a netizen started an interesting discussion on an online community. The netizen asked other netizens to share their opinion on whether they would rather be a non-popular member of a well-known girl group or a well-known member of a non-popular group.

Many girl groups debut in the K-Pop music industry; therefore, these female idol group members must do everything in their own ability to catch the netizens' attention and gain recognition in any way possible. Still, there are times that these girls are not able to stand out even if their group is popular, but there are times when one member gains recognition despite the female idol group being not so popular.

So one netizen began a discussion on an online community whether it would be better to be a non-popular member in a well-known group or to be a well-known member in a non-popular group. The netizen explained if you are a non-popular member in a well-known group, you don't stand out because there are more exceptionally talented girls in your group. You don't have many individual activities while the other members do. You also have the least amount of fans and people sometimes ask who you are. Still, you would get paid equally for the group activities.

For the well-known member in a not so popular group, you are the one who carries the group by doing the most activities. When the group appears in a television program, the hosts and production team only want to cast you again. You still make the most money from the group but don't make as much as the popular groups, and your group is not well known.

Many netizens have joined in on the conversation to give their opinions and share their choice. With a divided opinion over this matter, netizens have given their own reasons for their choices as well, commenting, "I chose 1 because I think choice 2 is short-lived since you show off your image in so many places," "I like the attention, so I chose 2," "I would rather make a lot of money and not be recognized as much, you get more freedom I think," "I chose 1 because if you're part of a popular group, you still make a lot of money even if you're not so popular individually," "I would choose 2 if you want to still be a celebrity later in life, but if you want to make money and return to being ordinary, then 1," "I choose 2 because you need to make a name for yourself for the future," "I think I would rather choose 1 because I would still be somewhat popular since the group is well-known," and "I think if I was choice 1, I would feel so uneasy since all the other members are popular, but I'm not. So I would rather be choice 2."

Let us know your choice in the poll and opinion in the comments below!

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taeswife061310,707 pts Monday, December 14, 2020 6
Monday, December 14, 2020

neither... i can't be an idol, I like food too much to be in a girlgroup


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Afriyieau192 pts Monday, December 14, 2020 0
Monday, December 14, 2020

Unpopular member in a well known group. I like less attention and wouldn’t wanna carry the group on my back. Also more money for me



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