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Baek Ye Rin reveals why she released a full album with all-English lyrics


Solo singer Baek Ye Rin revealed why she released an all-English album.

During a recent interview on 'Naver NOW', Baek Ye Rin talked about her latest album 'tellsuaboutyourself'. With every track in English, both fans and netizens at large wondered why she decided to release an album without any Korean lyrics.

A question presented by a radio listener read, "This full English album will soon become Baek Ye Rin's signature. There are many who are predicting that your next album will also be all in English."

To this comment, the singer responded, "Hm...well I kind of promised this via my fan cafe, but I promised my fans that I will release an all-English album this time and then release Korean albums after that."

She continued, "But, the reason is that there are some who miss my Korean lyrics, and I really love Korean. It speaks to me well, and that's why I think it's a huge plus for the other listeners too, but, this time around, the particular genre that I was aiming for was better suited to English. English also worked perfectly with its liaisons*, so I decided that was the best way to go.

"I understand that there are quite a lot of people who dislike this but...yes. I honestly think that being an artist is a job that requires you to be yourself, so that you can create something that you want to do. I want to try things that I like without inhibitions. That's part of the work. I can receive feedback, but with decisions like these I tried to do whatever I feel is best. And, I will continue to be that way. I'll work hard!", revealed the singer.

(*As opposed to the Korean language, which is composed of individual syllables.)

What do you think of Baek Ye Rin's all-English album?

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enigma17-269 pts 25 days ago 0
25 days ago

I start liking her on her previous english album. I would love to listen her new album english nor korean. no big deal for me.



Winston4,630 pts 26 days ago 0
26 days ago

well its her promise to her fans, so her fans will know. i guess for those who didnt know, probably are not her fans anyway. so their opinions and remarks dun matter.



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