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"All the members were good performers and singers," Netizens say SHINee had the best skills


With all the year-end performances by idol groups, fans are bound to miss the groups who adorned the same stages a few years back.

One netizen made a post on an online community talking about the boy group SHINee how they were the boy group with the best skills. The netizen pointed out that the team was composed of the best performers and singers. She stated, "I think it's crazy how these five guys were put into one group. With Onew and Jonghyun as the vocal team, the skills of this group are already good. The team was also able to sing live while dancing the most difficult choreographies. They also had the best charms, and the five of them made perfect chemistry."

She continued to say she was very proud of the group and praised how they sharpened their skills as they promoted more.

Other netizens joined in on the conversation and praised the group. Netizens commented, "I think Key was worried that his position in the group is not so clear, but I really think he has nothing to worry about. He's good at everything," "SHINee members all have a good personality, that's why I like them," "All the members are handsome," "I'm from another fandom, but I feel happy when I see SHINee for some reason, lol," "I wish they can make a comeback soon, I miss them a lot," and "SHINee is like a gem, really luxurious."

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HAD? honey they will always HAVE.


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16 days ago

Shinee is one of those kpop groups that are an "all kill". They can dance, they can sing, they are amazing performers, they are good people, they are funny... The were so young when they debuted. They have try so many experimental sounds, and images. They have done almost everything we have seem in kpop so far. Besides, they were the first kpop group to bring such amazing choreographies. They are very well known and his members still have a few years to go, (12 years since debut, but they still young).

And th most important, each member has their own color. All of them are very well known. They have their own solo careers but SHINee is their priority.



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