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SHINee's Key talks about the moment he was utterly speechless at Lee Soo Man


SHINee's Key appeared in the new episode of MBC's 'Radio Star' and talked about the time he was dumbfounded because of SM Entertainment's founder.

In the episode that aired on November 11 KST, Key started the story by explaining that the trainees and new artists are able to meet with producer Lee Soo Man and have a time of talk once or twice a year.

Key stated that when SHINee first debuted, they also had a time of talk with the founder and able to hear advice from him. Key stated he was excited to meet the founder, thinking he would be able to receive some energy from him.

Key explained that SHINee members stood in a line while founder Lee Soo Man would give each member individual advice.

Lee Soo Man would tell Taemin, "Taemin, you should dance in a round manner." Key made everyone laugh by stating, "Sometimes, he would give us advice that's not understandable." Then the founder told Minho to maintain his good looks.

Finally, it was Key's turn to receive some advice as Key anticipated what producer Lee Soo Man would say to him. However, in contrast to what Key was expecting, the founder said a few words to which left Key utterly speechless.

Lee Soo Man looked at Key and said, "Since you have a broad forehead, you'll be successful one day..." Key became so dumbfounded by what Lee Soo Man said to him that he couldn't find words to say.

Key revealed that he went to Lee Soo Man six years later to speak to him about that incident. Key explained that he had kept those words in his heart and wanted to tell producer Lee Soo Man how he felt.

Key stated that he went to Lee Soo Man privately to talk to him. Key revealed he had thought up the words to tell him tried to bring up the topic. However, just when he was about to, Lee Soo Man began complimenting Key, saying, "You know, you're doing really well right now. I really like that you wear colorful clothing and I like your artistic senses. I respect your artistic senses."

Because of those words, Key wasn't able to tell him about the incident because he had forgotten all the disappointing feelings after hearing the compliments.

The hosts all agreed that Key was not able to make an impression at the beginning of his career but was able to shine later on as he appeared on various shows. Key was able to find his own color and character as he became loved by many people.

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T_O_M_O_M_I114 pts Wednesday, November 11, 2020 0
Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Key is amazing and I love the fact that he has his own fashion style and artistic views <3



summerbreezy4,119 pts Wednesday, November 11, 2020 0
Wednesday, November 11, 2020

He has always been one of my favorites. His personality is what I like about him and I think he looks more handsome since he came back from the military. I hope the 4 of them unite when Minho comes back and put out some new music. 💛



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