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Popular Korean YouTube channel conducts an experiment to see if teenage boys can be indifferent to seduction from a beautiful lady


A Popular Korean YouTube channel held an interesting experiment to see if teenage boys can be indifferent to seduction from a beautiful woman. 

On November 2, YouTube channel 'Hi-Teenager' uploaded a video with the title, "Can teenage boys be indifferent to a beauty's seduction?" In the video, ten teenage boys from the ages of 18 to 19 were invited to participate in various challenges of keeping composed through the seduction.

The boys must try not to react in any way, even though a beautiful young lady seduces them. All of the ten students all were determined as they stated, "The only woman in my life is my mom," "I'll show you how to be indifferent," and "I won't fall to a beautiful face."

However, as soon as the seduction started, many of the boys could not help but falter. At the first stage, two students were disqualified as they smiled ecstatically when the young lady talked to them with a sweet voice.

In the next stage, four boys were disqualified as they could not keep their composure when the young woman touched them slightly. Most of the boys were disqualified by the final stages as they could not stay indifferent to the seductions.

Only two out of the ten were able to remain calm and indifferent to the beautiful young lady.

During the last interview of the two boys who were able to stay indifferent, one student stated that thought of the Korean flag as he sang the national anthem, trying to keep his mind distracted. The other male student revealed that he was easily able to stay indifferent because he believes inner beauty is more important than outer beauty.

Netizens who watched the video were entertained as they commented, "If it was me, I would be disqualified at stage 1," "The lady is so pretty," and "This was interesting to watch."

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27 days ago

Useless experiment, but okay.


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27 days ago

This just looks so wrong.


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