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EXO's Kai moves his pelvis and nearly fails to keep things rated PG on the popular children's show 'Hey Jini'


EXO's Kai is making headlines once again as he gains attention by appearing on the popular children's YouTube channel 'Hey Jini.'

On November 23rd, 'Hey Jini' uploaded a video with the title, "Five types of way niece and nephews play with their uncle," with Kai as a special guest.

In this episode, Hey Jini introduced the five personalities of niece and nephews while Hey Jini played the role of the niece and Kai played the role of the uncle.

The first type of niece was "The niece who is curious about too many things." Hey Jini and Kai began their act and the YouTube host said she saw Kai on TV and asked him, "Do you know what your buzz word is?" Kai was a bit flustered but asked Hey Jini if she knew what his buzz word was.

When asked the question, Hey Jini fell into deep thought and on the screen showed the caption, "The thoughts of Adult (19+) content passed through her head."

Hey Jini hesitated for a bit but replied, "Your buzz word is two syllables inside OO." Kai became embarrassed as he figured out that the word Hey Jini was mentioning was the phrase he said on 'Knowing Brothers' a while back when he said, "The two syllables inside panties?" 

The YouTube host reminded Kai that this was a kid's show, but things didn't stop there as Kai nearly failed to keep things rated PG again.

Hey Jini then tried to dance the choreography to the song "Love Shot," but she was not getting the dance quite right. So Kai decided to show her how it is actually done. As soon as Kai began sensually moving his pelvis, Hey Jini jumped in front of him to stop him.


She yelled out and jumped in front of Kai while covering her eyes. Hey Jini then went to say quietly, "This is a beautiful kid's channel," making everyone laugh.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

This article is dumb as hell and extremely misleading. Kai went on for niece and nephew and the video is incredibly Grated outside of these two SLIGHTLY PG jokes. The majority of it is innocent humor and silly jokes. The writer trying to paint him as someone inherently sexual is incredibly disrespectful.



annoyedexol17 pts Wednesday, November 25, 2020 0
Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Stop trying to make him out to be a weirdo. Its not funny and never will be.



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