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Netizens talk about the SM trainee who debuted in NCT just after 3 months of training


Two new members debuted with NCT on October 12th. 

Shotaro, one of the new members, received much attention as soon as he was revealed as the newest member of NCT. He has been recognized for his dancing skills as many fans praised the idol member.

Recently, a netizen shared videos of Shotaro's dancing on an online community. The netizen revealed that Shotaro joined the boy group after just three months of being an SM trainee.

After many netizens saw the videos of Shotaro, they praised him for his dancing and stated he deserved to be part of the group even though he went through a very short training period.

However, some netizens thought his trainee period was too short and unfair to the other SM trainees who were training for many years.

Netizens' Commented:

"He's super good at dancing."

"At first, I wondered why they added him just because he's a good dancer since there are already good dancers in the NCT group. But then I saw his debut stage and understood why he was added. He's super good at dancing. I feel he'll be the main dancer soon."

"I thought his trainee days were too short. Only three months is very short. But then I saw him dance and changed my mind. lol."

"Wow, he dances so well. He catches your eyes."

"He does dance but having him only train three months might not be fair to the other trainees who trained for years and still didn't debut."

"He's specially made to dance. Super good and looks good when dances."

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bast_rd2,322 pts Friday, October 16, 2020 1
Friday, October 16, 2020

"Unfair to other trainees because they trained longer" isn't how it works. Some trainees join a company and they are already skilled enough to debut. They also may fit a group whose debut is planned, so it makes sense to include them (or in the case of NCT, they are a good fit to join an active group). Some trainees train for a long time but their skill level doesn't improve as fast as others, or they don't fit the other groups OR there may even be conflict between certain trainees in which case it may not make sense to debut together.

Imagine what kpop groups - or the workforce of ANY company - would look like if promotions were handed out ONLY according to how long each worker had been employed??

Excited to see more from Shotaro. He's already adding a lot to NCT :)


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Rainbow_Pearls108 pts Friday, October 16, 2020 3
Friday, October 16, 2020

baekhyun and chen trained for 3 months too


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