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Former CEO of Stellar's agency responds in more detail to the "misinformation claims" made by former member Gayoung


As the controversy heightens over the provocative concept the former Stellar member Gayoung was forced to do, the former CEO of Stellar's agency spoke against all of Gayoung's claims.

On October 9, the former CEO of Stellar's agency revealed contrary information to what member Gayoung had claimed on the recent episode of MBN's 'Miss Back'.

In the episode, member Gayoung claimed various unfair things she had experienced during her promotion as Stellar. She claimed she was forced into doing the sexy-provocative concepts and did not receive a lot of payments for the seven years.

However, the former CEO expressed he felt unjust and revealed several things that differed from what Gayoung had claimed on the show. The CEO even stated that he will take legal action if the member continues to appear on broadcast without checking the facts with the company staff.

The CEO revealed that the sexy concept was decided after discussing with the members of Stella. He stated, "At first we went with the cute concept, but then the sexy concept came into the trend so Stellar took an attempt at it as well. During the time when filming 'Marionette,' the members didn't refuse or express their discomfort. After the review with the broadcast station, we asked the music video director to take out the provocative content."

The CEO added, "The group members were all females, so we decided on the concept after much discussion with the member and staff. The members indeed said that the costume is too provocative, but then I told them we could use the photos only as teaser images. Thereafter, the members promoted with costumes where they had no issues."

The CEO revealed that the agency did not forcefully make the members do the sexy concept. He stated, "Gayoung claims now that the agency forced the group to do the sexy concept, but many of the staff members who used to work during that time are very disappointed. Why does she make out the people she used to work with into some kind of people who coerced her to do things?"

He stated that the concept was decided with the content of the members' parents as well. He stated that the sexy concept can be controversial, so the agency first asked the parents and the members about the concept beforehand.

The CEO also revealed that Gayoung had company debt, but the company forgave her for them. The CEO revealed that Gayong and Minhee had violated an advertisement contract that left the company in financial difficulty.

The CEO stated that Stellar had made a contract with a makeup brand. However, before the contract was over Gayoung and Minhee had received products from another makeup company and posted the product on their social media. The makeup company, in turn, sued the entertainment agency for the breach in the contract. After many trials, Stellar's company had to pay a fine and spent a lot of money on legal fees. The CEO stated that this was all caused by the two members. However, the agency did not hold the two members liable because the CEO believed they all suffered and worked hard together.

The CEO also revealed that the payment was done fairly and had no legal issues. He claimed that the correct payment was each given to the members' parents as well. He stated he didn't understand why Gayoung was bringing up the issue now instead of at the time the settlement was made.

The former CEO also expressed his deep disappointment toward the MBN 'Miss Back' producers in that they didn't fact-check before showing the content on the broadcast. He claimed that this broadcast has negatively affected another individual, and the broadcast production team did not take that into consideration. The CEO claimed he will be taking legal action for the damages made.

Finally, the CEO stated, "It is unfortunate that Stellar did not become popular celebrities, but I have not lied. I am confident that I have done my job according to the legally sound contract. I'm sorry I couldn't make Stellar into stars, but I believe the members should have put in the effort as well. I am curious about Gayoung's intentions in speaking about this matter in this way, and I'm curious how she believes she is just a victim."

He concluded by saying, "There are many singers who can do the sexy concept without any issue. I believe the issue is with how one thinks about the matter. We have discussed and decided together on the sexy concept, but I think Stellar was not successful because the members felt shameful about doing the sexy concept. That's why they were not successful."

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hiroonakamura4,308 pts Friday, October 9, 2020 6
Friday, October 9, 2020

let's remember that nobody here knows who is lying and who is telling the truth. most people in comment section are automatically taking sides without knowing anything about the situation. how did you guys NOT learn from all the recent cases of X said/Y said ?


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Ah_Chuu1,432 pts Saturday, October 10, 2020 5
Saturday, October 10, 2020

Oh come on, the members have been talking about how those teaser images were published without their prior knowledge for years. Their discomfort was used as cheap media play when they were still with the group, and never once were the members' consistent stories contradicted. I guess until now nobody has cared enough about the members post-disbandment for it to matter.

Now, suddenly one of the girls stands to get something out of those years of hardship that this guy can't profit from, in an era when there's an increasing spotlight on exploitation and abuse in the industry... and he's squirming out of the woodwork to try to discredit her, ruin her second chance? Give me a break.


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