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Former Stellar member Gayoung speaks about the trauma she developed after doing Stellar's sexy provocative concept


Gayoung, a former member of the girl group Stellar, confessed that she still wears clothes with long sleeves and long pants even in the summertime because of the trauma she developed after doing the sexy provocative concept with Stellar.

Hosts Baek Ji Young and Song Eun Yi couldn't hide their anger after hearing Gayoung's story.

In the episode of MBN's new program 'Miss Back' that aired on October 8 KST, former Stellar member Gayoung shared her story of the trauma she is experiencing until today, even after she stopped promoting as a singer.

Gayoung made her first debut with the girl group back in 2011. Gayoung stated that she dreamed of being part of a girl group with an innocent concept. She stated, "I dreamt of the innocent girl group but we didn't receive much recognition, so we began promoting with a provocative concept. The reason I couldn't be too sad or too happy is that we suddenly had more schedules thereafter. So we kept doing more provocative concepts."

Gayoung stated on this day that she had firmly refused to wear the provocative costume that was given to the group on the day of filming the music video. She stated, "On the day of the music video, we strongly refused to wear provocative clothes. We told them we couldn't dance in them, but the producer told us to try it first before saying we can't. Ultimately, they released those photos. Because of the trauma from that time, I can't wear short sleeve shirts or pants."

Meanwhile, Gayoung's mother stated she was opposed to her daughter, an honor student who wanted to go to an Ivy League school instead of becoming a singer. She stated, "I cried a lot. I didn't know why she had to do those things."

Gayoung revealed in tears that when she was promoting with the provocative concepts, her mother had to hear from other people saying, "Why does your daughter do those things?"

After hearing the story, Song Eun Yi also shed tears, saying, "I'm sorry that the memories of your youth became tainted and became something you want to forget because of the people who don't deserve to be called adults."

Meanwhile, MBN's 'Miss Back' is a new documentary program that shows the eight former female idol group members talking another leap forward towards their dreams. These eight female idol members were being gradually forgotten by the public but have stepped forward to challenge themselves once again. The documentary will also share hidden stories that have never been told before.

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K_aus938 pts Thursday, October 8, 2020 10
Thursday, October 8, 2020

I feel so terrible. I loved stellar so much but to hear this makes me feel so bad for her and the members. I’m glad that all the members are out of that shitty company and living their lives.


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gookr4,295 pts Thursday, October 8, 2020 3
Thursday, October 8, 2020

i hate those producers. i hate them so much. i feel so bad for her. gosh im so pissed reading this.


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