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Famous Korean restaurant in Daegu under fire for banning female customers


A famous restaurant in Daegu is under fire for not accepting female customers as the restaurant owner claims that "Male customers flirt with the female customers". The restaurant is sparking controversy over gender discrimination.

On October 3rd, a netizen posted on an online community with the title, "The Daegu restaurant that doesn't accept female customers". The post shared various reviews of the restaurant that is known as one of the three best Yukhoe, Korean Beef Tartare, restaurants.

However, the peculiar aspect of this restaurant review was that this restaurant does not accept female customers. According to the reviews on the post, one female customer visited the restaurant with another friend who is also female. When they entered the restaurant and sat down, the owner told them the restaurant doesn't accept solely female customers. They were asked to leave and the female customer felt baffled.

The review stated, "We politely greeted the grandmother (owner) of the restaurant but when she saw it was just two women, she told us she doesn't accept female customers and told us to leave. I thought she was superstitious or thought she wasn't going to make many sales from us because she thought we weren't going to drink or something. So we asked her for the reason and just sat down but then she kicked us out. This was the first time I was treated this way so I'm shocked."

Another female customer wrote that the owner revealed the reason why she wasn't accepting female customers. The other review stated, "We told her we were going to drink but the owner looked pestered and told us the reason she wasn't accepting female customers...We were surprised to hear the strange reason. lol. She said the tables don't rotate if there are female customers. Also, there are a lot of male customers who come to the restaurant but if female customers come, the male customers would flirt with them and that bothers the owner. So she doesn't accept female customers altogether (unless they come with males). That's her principle. lol."

It seemed that this restaurant was already infamous for being discriminant towards female customers. The name of the restaurant has been mentioned on the Korean search engine several times with the keywords, "Daegu restaurant female customer", and "Daegu famous restaurant females."

The Kukmin News called the restaurant on October 5th to make a reservation to certify if the review claims were true. A female reporter called and asked, "We want to make a reservation for two people. We're both women. Can we make a reservation?" The owner responded "Women are noisy so we do not accept female customers" and the reporter failed to make a reservation.

Many netizens are criticizing the restaurant stating, "This is clear sexism", "Doesn't make sense that the owner doesn't accept female customers because the male customers flirt with them", and "This is gender discrimination."

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tri61112 pts Tuesday, October 6, 2020 1
Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Once again they are blaming women for men's behaivior


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gookr4,295 pts Tuesday, October 6, 2020 0
Tuesday, October 6, 2020

so the restaurant is punishing the women bc the men are sick? hmm i love society 😒



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