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Netizens enraged at a woman who rode the public transit without wearing a mask and even put her feet up on the seats


A young woman who rode the subway is causing public outrage among the online community for her irrational behavior. She was not only seen without wearing a mask in the public transit but she was also seen putting up her feet on the seats.

On September 9th, a netizen posted a photo in an online community with the title "The Woman Without A Mask on the Subway". In the photo that was posted, the young woman was sitting comfortably on the subway without a mask and both her feet up on the seats with her shoes on.

The photo spread through social media, the woman in the photo sent a message to the netizen who made the post. The young woman in the photo asked the netizen to take down the post or she will take legal action.

Also, the woman commented on the post stating that she is the person in the photo. She posted, "I'm a model and I was in a photoshoot all day. I even had a company dinner after and drank a lot" as she explained her situation at the time.

She continued to state, "I was tired, and I even lost my mask. I put my legs up on the seat because they hurt. I'm sorry. Don't leave malicious comments. If you have a problem don't be a coward leaving comments anonymously but message me on Instagram" as she left her account information.

However, netizens did not react kindly even though the woman left an explanation.

One netizen responded and criticized, "She did everything that she isn't supposed to do. We were told not to gather but she had a company dinner. We were told to wear masks and she didn't." 

Another netizen responded in anger, "This is why the coronavirus keeps spreading. If you lost your mask or don't have one you could buy one. How can you say you'll take legal action if you're the one in the wrong?"

Other netizens were also criticizing the woman stating, "She seems she wasn't educated on her ethics and morals when she was young. She doesn't know how to behave in a public place.", "I don't think she knows what she did wrong. Her apology isn't sincere.", "Other people don't act that way even if they're tired. Other people drink too. You should pay a fine for not wearing a mask.", and "You put up your dirty feet on the seat where people sit."

Netizens' Commented

"She said her leg hurts so she should take a break from her modeling gig...forever."
"Such a poor excuse."

"I don't think she's thinking."

"Did her parents not teach her how to act in public?"

"She should have taken off her shoes at least before putting them up on the seat. And she's not even wearing a mask."

"She needs to be reported since she didn't wear a mask."

"She did everything she's not supposed to do...have gathering (company dinner), not wearing a mask, and putting up her feet on the seat...she's hopeless."

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chillaxin1,097 pts Wednesday, September 9, 2020 9
Wednesday, September 9, 2020

The feet on the seat is a big cultural no no in South Korea. You remove your shoes before entering a residence and put on indoor slippers. There are some restaurants where this also applies. It has to do with not bringing in the dirt, debris, etc., from the streets and outdoors into the home. If that isn’t allowed in a home or restaurant, don’t do it on a subway!


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Siri1236,069 pts Wednesday, September 9, 2020 1
Wednesday, September 9, 2020

You don't put your feet where people will sit no matter what, also having lost her mask sounds like an excuse to me. So no I do not feel for her at all, she is in the wrong here.


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