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Posted by LorraineYe Monday, September 14, 2020

[MV & Album Review] Lovelyz - 'Unforgettable'


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Track List:

1. Unforgettable
2. Obliviate
3. Dream in a dream
4. Never, Secret

5. Memories

6. Worry Dolls

Lovelyz has made a triumphant return with their newest release and 7th mini-album, Unforgettable. The comeback has an ethereal quality to it that is quite captivating and different for the group. Lovelyz, up until this point, has yet to do something darker and edgier, so this is their first real attempt at something of this nature.

The album opens with a fairytale score on the first track "Unforgettable". The tracklisting is deliberately set up to go into their title song, "Obliviate", a string-heavy pop song that definitely sits at the same table as BTS "Airplane Pt. 2". The catchy house beat works well for the chorus against the pointed guitar strings and keeps song progression positive.

The rest of the album keeps up the theme well with track 3, "Dream in a dream". The electro-pop beat with the haunting music box intro was perfection and the vocal arrangements were thoughtful. Likewise "Never Secret" felt like a smooth transition and a classic sound from them. "Memories" and "Worry Dolls" subsequently pick up the pace and slow it down, rounding out the album's tracklist.


"Obliviate" MV showcased a whole new side to Lovelyz. Again, they've rarely gotten to try a dark concept, but I would go as far as to say that I actually prefer this for them. They rock this kind of cute, edginess that just works. "Obliviate" is centered around painful love, and the MV portrays this fairly well. 

I think its important to take into consideration that the intent behind this comeback was sentimental, not sexy, and I think they achieved that well. However, the overall production value didn't make me feel like the budget was exactly bursting at the seams.

MV Relevance…..7
MV Production…..7
MV Concept……..7
MV Score: 7.0

Album Production…...8
Album Concept……...7

Album Score: 8.0 

Overall: 7.5

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