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BTS V’s global fans celebrate International #CharityDay honoring his love for art and the environment.

The International Day of Charity is observed annually on the 5th of September to raise awareness and provide a common platform for charity related activities across the globe. In hand in hand with several organizations and individuals, BTS member V’s global fan base “V UNION” has made a meaningful donation this year.

Through a tweet shared on the 5th, the fanbase revealed their gracious donation to The Crayon Initiative, an organization striving to preserve the environment by recycling unwanted crayons and enriching the lives of hospitalized children through art and imagination.

V UNION remarked V’s love for art and the environment as their inspiration for the project and said: “Inspired by our artistic Taehyung, who proudly expressed that he avidly recycles for the environment, we have donated to The Crayon Initiative who has taken great strides to help keep the earth clean while spreading joy to young patients by providing them with an endless supply of free art material.”

V is widely known for not only his passion for art but also his unique imagination which is beautifully reflected through his “Vante” collection and his BT21 character “Tata.” In an interview with Billboard earlier this month discussing BTS’s collaboration with Hyundai and the members’ views on the importance of sustainability, V mentioned his desire for a cleaner and safer environment and shared some of his efforts as well.

As V UNION continues to take inspiration from V’s exemplary kindness and spread joy through their countless philanthropic projects, many fans have commended the fanbase for their unwavering love for V and their remarkable efforts for the betterment of the world.

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