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Korean netizens angered about a recent episode of 'Taste of Trot' stating child singer Jung Dong Won was nearly sexually harassed


The popular variety program, 'Taste of Trot' has been involved in a controversy over the recent episode which aired on August 25th.

In the episode of TV CHOSUN's 'Taste of Trot', fourteen-year-old trot singer Jung Dong Won appeared visiting an otolaryngologist. The young singer visited the otolaryngologist with his friend to check if he had hit puberty yet.

Before starting the examination, the doctor stated he needed to check something and went to ask the two children, "Did your penis grow any hair yet?" Jung Dong Won put his head down to giggle as his friend asked, "Excuse me?" as he was taken aback.

Even the facial expressions of the hosts were stiff as they watched the doctor ask them this question.

Jung Dong Won shyly replied, "A little bit around the area where my underwear is" while his friend answered "no". The TV program put the subtitles, "Essential information on puberty that needs to be confirmed" as the doctors told the two children not to be shy.

At that moment, the young trot singer just laughed it off but netizens were very unhappy and felt very uncomfortable watching the episode. They criticized the production team that they had aired personal and private information about an underaged child.

There had been over 800 comments on the video within a day that the episode aired. Many netizens criticized saying, "The production team must be crazy to air this. ", "This is close to child sexual harassment.", "They should delete this video right away and apologize."

Comments: "I'm writing this comment because I am really baffled. Is there a reason, the production team didn't edit this out and aired it as is?"

"The level of this broadcast standard. What are you guys doing with underaged children? I guess they think they can infringe on the rights of children."

"This broadcast team has no sense of morality and are not responsible at all. I don't know what they're thinking even posting clips of this broadcast. Delete this video right away."

"Please take the video down. I'm very angry. Don't rebroadcast this part."

"I think they broadcasted this part even if it could be left out so that this episode can be more interesting."

"Are you guys crazy over viewer count?"

"I'm baffled that you broadcasted content that should have been edited out!"

Previously, the same production team received criticism as they aired information about Jung Dong Won receiving Posthectomy during his competition on 'Mr. Trot'. Many netizens felt that information was too much and could have been left out as well.

Since the controversy heightened, the video in question has been deleted by the broadcast company without any notices and apologies.

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TheLadybug284 pts Wednesday, August 26, 2020 5
Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Some of you are completely misunderstanding. It wasn't sexual harassment for the doctor to ask that, but it was harassment to air that private information on TV.


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thesiiiiickest1,458 pts Wednesday, August 26, 2020 0
Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The physician asked what he needed to as an ENT, he probably wanted to know how far along puberty they were at to see if their voice dropped, but the PRODUCERS SHOULD NOT have aired that... that's messed up.



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