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Kim Yo Han talks about his first impression of Jessi and gives his impersonation of her


On the August 26 broadcast of MBC's 'Radio Star', Kim Yo Han from the disbanded group X1 appeared and made netizens laugh as he explained about his first encounter with singer Jessi.

The episode of 'Radio Star' featured guests Kim Yo Han, HyunA, actresses Jang Young Nam and Shin So Yool.

In the episode, the host asked Kim Yo Han to share the story when he had become scared that he had become frozen solid at a variety show.

Kim Yo Han went on to explain this anecdote and stated, "I had the chance to appear in a music program with Jessi and trot singer Song Ga In. It was my first time seeing them and as you know, Song Ga In and Jessi both have a very powerful impression."

He continued to tell the story saying, "Jessi Nuna came in, and it as the first time seeing her in person. And when she was walking in she was cursing, so I was so shocked that I just froze."

Kim Yo Han later revealed that he came to know Jessi's real personality after they became close. He stated, "I realized she's very soft-hearted and kind after we became close. She also has a lot of affection and subtly acts cute sometimes."

The host became curious how he is with Jessi now that they're close. So Yo Han explained that he would show his affection to her too. He stated, "I was told I have a lot of cuteness that I display but I don't think I do."

The hosts requested Kim Yo Han to display a little bit of his cuteness in which Yo Han went to say "It's not really cuteness, I just say 'aww Nuna~'."

What made netizens laugh is how Jessi would react to Yo Han's cuteness. The hosts asked Yo Han how Jessi would respond if he calls her in that manner. Then Yo Han went to do his impersonation of Jessi as he made everyone laugh.

Everyone expected Jessi to be melting when seeing Yo Han's cuteness but according to Yo Han, she would say, "Kim Yo Han, don't act like a baby" instead.

Also in this episode, Yo Han displayed his dance skills as he showed off the choreography to the special collab song "Life is Good" he had done with Jessi and Song Ga In. Everyone was impressed with Yo Han's dance skills as he combined the traditional Tae Kwon Do into the choreography.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

You can tell Jessi is really a softy in real life. She even took care of those two black youtubers she got friendly with. She never acted like a "celebrity" towards them and brushed them off or anything. She's just blunt and genuine and doesn't sugarcoat things. I would rather be friends with Jessi than others who acts innocent on TV, but are some of the worst people to be with in real life.



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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

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