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Hara's aunt claims that Hara's birth mother deserves half of her daughter's fortune because she gave birth to her


Recently, the late Goo Hara's birth mother has drawn attention as she expressed her opposition to the 'Goo Hara Act'. 

This act prevents any parent who has not served their proper duty as a parent to receive any fortune that their deceased child left behind.

On the episode of TV CHOSUN's 'Detective Seven' (hereafter 'Seven') that aired on August 23rd, Hara's mother appeared and stated, "I did not leave the house because I had an affair. I left the house to survive and live."

Hara's mother had been heavily criticized as she showed up twenty years later after leaving the family and requested half of Hara's assets. Hara's brother claimed, "A mother who gave up her parental rights and custody does not deserve to receive anything." when appealing for legislation of the "Goo Hara Act".

However, Hara's mother claimed, "Ho In (Hara's brother) does not know my past and how I lived. My son is arbitrarily saying that I'm a mother who abandoned her children but that's not true."

In particular, Hara's mother explained about the claims that she had left the family due to an affair. She explained, "I did not leave the family because of an affair. There are things to be said but I'm keeping my mouth shut. I had financial difficulties and was also ill."

She also claimed, "My son keeps claiming that I'm asking just for money but that is not true. I do not agree with the 'Goo Hara Act'."

Hara's mother claimed, "I was still in a difficult situation in 2017 as well. I still had financial difficulties and was sick so I could not contact my children (Goo Hara, Goo Ho In). I was only able to contact them when they became adults and we met each other for some bonding time."

Hara's mother hired a lawyer right after Hara's death on November 24th of last year. She has been fighting to claim half of Hara's fortunes that she had left behind after her death. 

She explained, "I was originally at the funeral and mourning but my sister called me. My sister said, 'I know a lawyer so go see him' and suggested that I hired a lawyer."

The production team called the sister of Hara mother and conducted a phone interview. Hara's aunt, stated, "My sister called me crying out loud saying she had been kicked out of the funeral home. I was very angry" as she recalled the situation.

Hara's aunt continued, "I asked 'What should I do' to a lawyer that I was close with. The lawyer told me that the fortune is divided evenly among the parents" and explained the reasons for introducing the lawyer to her sister. 

The producers asked Hara's aunt, "Then, do you think that a parent who forfeited all parental rights and did not rear their children when growing up still deserves to take the fortune?" in which Hara's aunt stated,"Of course we have to follow the law but children aren't born on their own. One person can't give birth. Two people give birth together. So, the parents, of course, should divide the fortune among themselves."

Many netizens have become more angered as they heard the statement from the late Hara's aunt. They continue to criticize the two women as many netizens still believe that Hara's birth mother has come forward only to claim her daughter's assets that were left behind.

Netizens' Commented:

"This is so sad, Hara can't even rest in peace...Who would think she's the parent if she shows up after twenty years asking for half of the assets? I wonder if this lady would have shown up if Hara wasn't a celebrity and didn't have any assets."

"Yeah, children aren't born through one person, then, why didn't this lady help raise the kids together. She's not even human."

"She just gave birth and ran away and now she wants to come to take half? You know, if she was an actual human being, she would be so sad that she could only cry about her daughter's death not think about all the fortune she left behind."

"It's better to say that you want your daughter's money. Really shouldn't be like that if you want to call yourself a parent. You should not take the money even if it was offered to you!"

"You don't become a parent just because you gave birth... parents with the right mind don't think to abandon their children because of whatever difficulties."

"Really hurts my heart...even dogs cry out for help if their pups are drowning."

"She doesn't deserve to be called Hara's mother."

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taeswife06137,827 pts Tuesday, August 25, 2020 3
Tuesday, August 25, 2020


None of us here asked to be born (and if you think you did I recommend you to see a psychiatrist), you can give birth to a person without their consent, almost every woman on this Earth has the power to do that. But that doesn't automatically make you a mother, a mother cares, nourishes, and loves. When I was about 8 years old, my own mother was on the brink of death. She was very sick and even had to go through chemotherapy. She had 3 kids to take care of (the youngest being about 4) and a husband who was pursuing his PhD, but she didn't leave like that insult-of-a-human, using her illness as an excuse. My dad, sisters and I tried to care for her in the best of our child-like abilities, but in the end she ended up taking care of us even in her sickness. When I asked her why she did, years later after she miraculously got well, she answered, "It's my job, I'm your mom and a wife, it's my job to care for all of you. I may've been sick to the brink of death, but I wanted to only leave good memories if I had to go."

Of course, not everyone can be like my mother and take care of people when she herself is sick, but from what I've seen from my mother, I don't think the person who gave birth to Hara has an excuse for leaving. Ma'am if you think you are innocent and being treated unfairly, tell us your story, it's as simple as that. I don't see her as anything more than an ovary donater... and the rest of her family is delusional if they think that she should even go near that inheritance. Make your own money woman, you should've had time with all those years on your hands when you left Hara.


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meera-sahir1,077 pts Tuesday, August 25, 2020 3
Tuesday, August 25, 2020

No she does not. Only giving birth does not justify her obvious neglect of her children.

Leaving them in the freaking air for years and then claiming half of Hara's hard earned fortune just because she was a mother is so hypocritical of the lady and now, her sister.

Money is the only thing which works for these people. Not emotions and humanity.


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