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Former AOA member Mina's alleged comments about Seolhyun & Chanmi draw attention


Former AOA member Mina's alleged comments about Seolhyun and Chanmi are drawing attention.

On August 13, Mina's alleged comments in a chatroom dedicated to her are making headlines. She's known to have called out Seolhyun and former AOA member Jimin, who allegedly bullied her during her time with the girl group, in particular in a concerning social media post, and netizens are now speculating the reason why she unfollowed Seolhyun and Chanmi on her Instagram, which she's now deleted

The below screencaptures have been posted in online communities under the title "The reason why Seolhyun and Chanmi were unfollowed. Screencapture of the 'solitude chatroom.'" In them, a user alleged to be Mina states the following - 

"The reason I unfollowed Kim Seolhyun and Kim Chanmi? I really cared for Seolhyun. When Shin Jimin unni spoke badly of Seolhyun or the other members, I never agreed with her.

Of course, I'm sure she didn't like that about me either. Because I was sincerely worried, I gave sincere advice to Seolhyun. But in the end, [Seolhyun] said she didn't care what happened and just said she hated the moment.

She never reached out to me once when I was going through a hard time. Seolhyun's smart. And yes, she's a bystander. She's clever.

Chami would criticize Shin Jimin unni in front of me, but behind me, she would soothe Shin Jimin unni. She's young.

What was what Chanmi asked me in the end? 'Don't you have any good memories?' I said, 'No, I don't.' Then I told her to get out, so I can receive an apology from Shin Jimin unni. I know Chanmi's young. That's why I accepted it when she complained, and I understood when she [acted that way]. 

When Shin Jimin unni left, they all left together to comfort her. It was always like that. In front of me, they would speak badly of Shin Jimin unni."

In related news, Mina and her label chose not to pursue an official investigation into the bullying controversy.  

What are your thoughts on Mina's alleged comments?

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jin_sungmin3,510 pts Friday, August 14, 2020 14
Friday, August 14, 2020

"When Jimin spoke badly of Seolhyun, I never agreed with her."

Mina says this like this makes her a good person when, in a previous statement, she said "Even though [Seolhyun] was Jimin's best friend, she never once agreed or joined in when Jimin cursed or talked trash about me".

Are these not the same things? Yet, she called Seolhyun an "apathetic bystander" for this, said Seolhyun disappointed her, and later named her as one of the sole contributors to her current mental state. Obviously Mina is unwell. Why are people taking everything she says as a call to action? Her words literally contradict each other. She needs to get professional help and return to a more stable state of mind before anyone starts "cancelling" anyone on her behalf.


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xx-jenn-xx5,771 pts Friday, August 14, 2020 5
Friday, August 14, 2020

Kinda wish this would die down...it's such a bunch of she said this she said that, she did this, she did that....


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