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Contestants of Mnet's 'I-LAND' begin their first test in the second round of the survival show and one member is sent home


The final twelve contestants who made it to the second round of the survival program was revealed in the previous episode of Mnet's 'I-LAND'. Also in the last episode, the twelve I-Landers were ranked from lowest to highest, in which contestant Kim Sun Woo ranked first place and Han Bin ranked twelfth place.

On the August 21 broadcast, all of the twelve contestants were given the first test of the second round as they were given a unit exam. The first test was titled, "BTS Test" as the three unit-teams were given three different BTS songs to perform. The three songs were "I NEED YOU", "DNA", and "FAKE LOVE" as four contestants formed one team to perform. Below are the three units that have been decided:

Now the contestants of these unit teams began their preparing to perform their designated songs in front of the judges. As announced before, the contestant who comes in the first place will receive the immunity in the next round as one contestant who is disqualified in this round will be sent home.

Each unit team came together to allocate the parts of the song and begin their dance practices. As the contestants began the practice, many of the members hit a wall as they faced the difficulties in performing these BTS songs.

One member, Taki, who had become a leader of the unit group shed tears as he was not able to overcome the pressures of being a leader. Taki felt the pressure of being a leader for the first time. He had also felt the mistake of picking the members first instead of the songs because, in the end, his team was left with "Fake Love", which has many high notes that are difficult to sing.

After much practice, the three teams faced the judges as they showed off the result of their practice in front of them.

The first team to show off their skills was the "DNA" team. As soon as member K appeared from the back of the stage, the fellow contestants couldn't hide their admiration as K's aura took control of the stage.

Producer Bang Si Hyuk complimented the team saying that the stage was refreshing since the unit was composed of good dancers. The producers also stated the teams' facial expressions became more natural but still needed improvement.

The judges delivered their assessment and gave a total grade of 287 - which is a combination of the individual grade of all four members. The team with the highest total grade will gain immunity from being disqualified in this round.

The second team to perform was the "I NEED YOU" team. Producer Bang complimented that the contestants did improve since part 1 of the audition but then stated that he was disappointed they were not able to express the feeling of longing a bit more. He stated that the unit only expressed power.

The unit was slightly discouraged as they felt the unit had received overall negative feedback. In conclusion, the "I NEED YOU" unit received a total grade of 275. This placed them in second place as the "DNA" team kept their spot in first place.

The last team to perform was the "Fake Love" team. Despite, the contestants' worries, the team was able to receive positive feedback. Producer Bang Si Hyuk complimented them saying, "This is the best performance I've seen from you all since this competition began." Overall, the unit received feedback that they improved a lot. However, member Taki received constructive criticism from producer Bang, as producer Bang stated that Member Taki could have done better and needs to improve.

To all the contestants' surprise, the "FAKE LOVE" team received the highest score of 306. After receiving the highest score, all of the members of the "FAKE LOVE" unit team were able to gain immunity in this round.

However, the unit team was not able to completely enjoy their win because Taki received the lowest individual score of 57, placing him in the lowest rank. Because Taki was able to receive immunity from the test, the eleventh place would be disqualified for this round. 

Ultimately, contestant Lee Gun Woo came in eleventh place and ended up being disqualified. All the contestants shed tears as they said goodbye to their fellow member who is sent home.

Now, the rest of the contestants await the second test of round 2 of 'I-LAND'.

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gypsy_jaeger4,015 pts Saturday, August 22, 2020 0
Saturday, August 22, 2020

K and Jay at 9th and 11th in Global Vote Ranking was such a huge shocker. I mean, I like Taki too but objectively speaking he just isn't ready for a 2020 debut. I wish the final line up would just be chosen by producers. At least I know they are doing their job right because I totally agree with their assessment and ranking of the I-Land trainees.



quark1239518,328 pts Friday, August 21, 2020 5
Friday, August 21, 2020

To hell with all y'all not voting for Jay. 😠


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