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BTS enters into the I-LAND and gives advice to the I-Landers as they embark in the second part of the global survival competition


On the August 14 broadcast of Mnet's 'I-LAND', BTS made their grand entrance into the I-LAND as the show prepares to make the announcement on the final twelve I-Landers who will compete to make their debut.

At the beginning of episode 7, BTS enters into the I-LAND and takes a tour of the place. When they first enter, they are welcomed by twelve white chairs numbered from one to twelve in the lobby.

The BTS members continue on the tour of the I-LAND as they make their way into the practice room. BTS express their envy of the practice studio as they recall having to wipe the mirror with newspaper during practice as heat and moisture would fog the mirror up.

The members reminisce back to when they used to practice in difficult environments and circumstances. They made netizens laugh when RM began saying, "This is what you call 'Back in my day' statement." as member V says, "Oh let's not do this 'Back in my day' thing."

After looking around the practice studios on the first floor, BTS makes their way into the living space of the I-Landers. The members are amazed once again by the innovative and modern interior design. 

What changed from the first part of the competition is that the rooms are assigned numbers from one to twelve as well. Each room has three numbers allocated to them as they symbolize the ranking of the twelve I-Landers who will make their way into part two of the competition.

The top three I-Landers were given a bigger room with bigger beds and include a resting room with a game station and a massage chair.

After finishing their tour, the BTS members were able to see the twelve final members who made their way into the second part of 'I-LAND'.

The twenty-three I-Landers made their way into the I-LAND in order to embark on their journey to become an idol group. In the second part of the competition, twelve members were picked by global viewer votes. The twelve I-Landers will be able to participate in the second part of the competition, which brings them a step closer to their debut.

The twelve members who made it are Park Sung HoonYang Jung Won, Lee Hee SeungJay, Jake, KNi-Ki, Daniel, Kim Sun Woo, Lee Gun Woo, Taki, and Han Bin.

These twelve I-Landers will start the second part of their journey in becoming idols.

After the final twelve have been selected, the I-Land had to say their good-byes to the contestants who did not make the final cut. Many contestants shed tears as they sent off their fellow friends.

However, the twelve final members had another announcement waiting for them. The twelve final I-Landers awaited for their ranking from the global votes to be revealed.

These twelve I-Landers will not compete in the fierce battle to make their debut as the global idol group through four more tests. 

Finally, after all the announcements were made, the twelve final contestants were able to have time with the BTS members as they receive advice from them.

Episode seven concluded as the BTS members listened to each I-Landers worry and gave them heartfelt advice as they comforted the contestants and applauded them on efforts in making it to the final cut.

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taeswife06138,435 pts Friday, August 14, 2020 0
Friday, August 14, 2020

Who else laughed when tour guide Hobi got the magnet stuck to the chair?! and there's just flight attendant/ butler Tae... hilarious.



Kirsty_LouiseAllkill VIP21,454 pts Friday, August 14, 2020 4
Friday, August 14, 2020

It was adorable to see how awe stricken the trainees were by BTS.


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