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International netizens love BTS' new all English song "Dynamite" but Korean Netizens say they have no idea what the group is saying


Netizens and fans alike are loving the explosive all English single "Dynamite" from BTS. Many praise the song for being light and energetic, brightening up the mood of those who listen to it. Many loved the retro-disco pop vibe that the boy group presented through this single.

Recently, a netizen posted an online community the release of BTS' new song as many Korean netizens commented on how much they loved the song. 

Among the many comments, there were comments from some Korean netizens who stated they love the song but do not understand what the group is singing about. A few of the netizens wished they can listen to the Korean version of the song and wondered if the group will release one. Now, the Korean fans are saying they can empathize with the international fans. 

Overall, everyone has loved the song as BTS' new attempt has brought about a successful result. The song truly transcends boundaries as everyone around the globe come together to enjoy "Dynamite".

Netizens' Commented:

"I was like 'what the' when I heard the song because it was all in English. But I loved the song. This song is now one of my top five best BTS songs."

"Now I know how international fans feel when they don't understand Korean in the songs."

"This is a song that's going to be popular in Korea and overseas because of the light pop-song vibe. And it's in English. Now English speakers can listen without subtitles."

"I heard they listened to the demo tape and liked the song in English better so they sang it all in English. But I still wish we can get a Korea version of this song. Wonder what it'll sound like."

"The song is so exciting and good. The English lyrics are well-suited for the song but I wish it was in Korean."

"There are Korean subtitles in the YouTube video!"

"Why is all the song in English?? I can't understand anything...but the song is good."
"BTS good job on the all English song. It's very refreshing."

"I guess this is how international ARMYs feel when listening to Korean songs from BTS. lol. still a good song."

"This is just my taste. It's perfect in English."

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killthislove002,511 pts Friday, August 21, 2020 6
Friday, August 21, 2020

Haha it's funny to see the struggle reversed! Empathy is always good! I'm glad the Korean subtitles were included in the video for Korean fans!


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armystan71,695 pts Friday, August 21, 2020 2
Friday, August 21, 2020

Lmao well if no one else is going to take this opportunity......

What was that KARMY? Did you say you needed SUBITITLES?

HO. HO. HO. How the tables have turned.......😂


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