Posted by Susan-Han Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Norazo's Jobin dedicates lengthy apology for racism concerns in the duo's 2010 hit song 'Curry'


On July 15, Norazo's founding member Jobin dedicated a lengthy letter of apology toward global K-Pop fans for the duo's 2010 hit song, "Curry". 

Concerns about racism and religious mockery surrounding the 2010 song "Curry" arose again recently due to the fact that back on July 14, Seventeen members Wonwoo, Vernon, and DK sang the song during an episode of 'Going Seventeen'. Afterward, numerous global fans demanded an apology from both Norazo and Seventeen, prompting Norazo's Jobin to take action. 

In an Instagram post on July 15, Jobin wrote, 

"Norazo has no intentions of committing racism or religious mockery at all. 

From what I've been informed by Indian fans today, 'Curry' is actually not a traditional Indian dish; the reason that Norazo worked on this song at the time was that while living in Korea, we were misinformed about the origins and history of 'Curry' and were led to believe that ''Curry' is a traditional Indian dish'. We did not check the facts before creating this song.

As a result, we did not realize that several words that we used in the song to accentuate the 'feel' of India were actually very spiritual and important words to the native speakers of this language. This is a clear wrongdoing of my own.

We only wanted to express through the song that 'Curry' is a delicious dish that any one can enjoy at any time, in Norazo's fun and unique style. I want to express that we had no intentions of degrading anyone, and no intentions of undermining anyone's country or that country's culture and traditions.

I vow to become a singer who creates songs based on correct information from now on. I want to relay my sincere apologies to those of you in India, across Southern Asia, etc for causing offense. 

Finally, many hoobae idol singers are also still unaware of the offense that this song has caused. I sincerely hope that this song which began as a result of our ignorance toward other cultures and countries, will no longer cause damages to our respected hoobae artists, who are loved by so many people from nations around the world."

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thekey1,416 pts Wednesday, July 15, 2020 1
Wednesday, July 15, 2020

That's actually great. He could've just ignored it but he took the time to write a sincere apology. Honestly fans coming at him for a song from 2010 was a bit too much. I'm sure Norazo never had any ill intentions when they released this song but it's good that he apologised anyway.

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jack-bean (Banned)
jack-bean (Banned)2,299 pts Wednesday, July 15, 2020 9
Wednesday, July 15, 2020

A silver lining in this cloud is that through kpop, many fans around the world are learning how to be more culturally sensitive to India. There are probably a lot of fans who know who Ganesha is now because of Blackpink's MV.

At the same time I'm sure some people didn't know curry isn't an Indian dish.


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