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Posted by Hannah-Lee Tuesday, July 14, 2020

10 K-Pop idols who will surprise you with their height


Something that stands out about some idols is their height. Some idols are blessed with tall genes, which give them an incredible physique. Check out 10 K-Pop idols who will surprise you with their height!

1. SF9’s Rowoon

SF9’s Rowoon has incredible proportions, and part of it is due to his extremely tall height of 192 cm (6'3")!

2. KNK’s Seoham

KNK’s Seoham is another tall idol who boasts a height of 192 cm (6'3").

3. PENTAGON’s Wooseok

PENTAGON’s Wooseok is known for his extremely long legs, as he stands at an impressive 188.5 cm (6'2").

4. CNBLUE’s Jungshin

CNBLUE’s Jungshin looks like a model wherever he goes, with his height of 188 cm (6'2").

5. CIX’s Hyunsuk

Fans would never be able to guess that CIX’s Hyunsuk is the maknae of the group with his height of 188 cm (6'2").

6. SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu never fails to amaze fans with his tall height of 187 cm (6'2").

7. KNK’s Jihun

Like his fellow group member Seoham, KNK’s Jihun boasts an incredible height of 186 cm (6'1").

8. PENTAGON’s Yanan

PENTAGON’s Yanan is another tall member of the group, standing at 186 cm (6'1").

9. 2PM’s Taecyeon

2PM’s Taecyeon is admired by fans for his incredible physique, which includes his height of 186 cm (6'1").

10. TXT’s Soobin

Despite being one of the younger idols in the industry, TXT’s Soobin stands at an astounding 186 cm (6'1") — and he’s still growing!

  1. CIX
  2. Jungshin
  3. KNK
  4. Wooseok
  5. Yan An
  6. Mingyu
  7. Rowoon
  8. Soobin
  9. Taecyeon
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