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[T/W: Animal neglect] G-Dragon accused of losing Jolie in addition to neglecting Gaho + KittiB calls him out in SNS post


G-Dragon is further being accused of having lost Jolie.

G-Dragon had originally raised Gaho and Jolie, but had left them at his parents' care because of military enlistment. However, after his enlistment, he left them at his parents', while bringing his munchkin cat back home with him.

The poster, who had revealed that Gaho was suffering from lack of care to his eyelashes and nails, and being raised outside even though Shar-Peis have sensitive skin and need to be raised inside, also revealed, "I don't know who picked up. But when I called the vacation house and asked, they said Jolie wasn't there because Jolie ran away when the door was left open."

Rapper KittiB posted on her SNS, writing, "I wish there was a law preventing people who change animals like fast fashion from getting any more pets. I'm so sorry for being human," as she quoted the Tweet accusing G-Dragon of neglect.

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chonaD840 pts Sunday, June 28, 2020 3
Sunday, June 28, 2020

HEY READ THIS!! Allkpop does it again that photo was taken 2013!!

Credit to: Gretta Kwon

For all those who are cancelling GD for their pets, here's Gaho and Jolie. I can't believe they're so stupid to fall into a controversy that came out in 2013 or 2014, yes, those photos are old and that controversy already happened a long time ago and it didn't come to anything because:

1. Gaho and Jolie are in Dolce Vita, where they are cared for by GD's parents.

2. The photo they exhibited was when they had a visit from the vet, that's why they were tied up and there was never a complaint because people stayed confirmed that after being vaccinated and wormed they released them to go to the yard.

3. Fans and people who stay at Dolce Vita have access to dogs, can interact with Gaho and Jolie, play with them, and give them food as long as it's food given by the care staff.

If you want to know what was from Gaho and Jolie and be aware you can follow GD's sister, Dami on ig @damikwon_ she sometimes shares photos of the puppies when she goes to Dolce Vita visiting.

Gaho currently around 11 years old and Jolie for 9 or 10 years, being large breed dogs and how GD travels and knows his dogs would be better off in an open space left them in charge of their parents in Dolce Vita a long time ago, when BB started his tighter agenda back in 2012. He currently has 2 cats that best suit his apartment life and when traveling they stay in the care of his sister Dami.

I don't know what that fart page wanted to do translating an old article pretending to be current, but I already saw that in comments they retracted and uploaded Gaho's current photo. But GD fans who are canceling it without even making sure it's true and they only do it because a Facebook page says it,
better go and don't come back, that GD doesn't need such stupid fans, seriously, it looks like they only have one neuron which doesn't even work well.


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horrorbiz95652 pts Sunday, June 28, 2020 0
Sunday, June 28, 2020

Akp getting more and more petty everyday.



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