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Oli London shows support for Black Lives Matter During Protest; Slams Trump


BTS Superfan and self-proclaimed British K-pop Star, Oli London has attended a peaceful protest outside Downing Street in London today to show his support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

The TV personality and Dr. Phil Star won praise from fans who showed their appreciation for his support of the movement; "Thank you so much for doing this you are so kind, supportive and amazing" ''Thank you king for supporting the black community we are so proud of you".

Even netizens that said they don't normally support Oli agreed with his protest ''I don't really like Oli London but ill stick with him on this one"; "This is the one time I agree with you".

The E! Botched star has been extremely vocal with his 107,000 Instagram followers and 38,000 Twitter followers and has been posting constant supportive tweets for the Black Lives Matter movement daily while slamming Trump for ''adding fuel to the fire'' and blamed him for being ''responsible for the unrest".

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Black Lives Matter. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽 End racism now. 🖐🏿 Demand justice for George Floyd and all other victims of racism. In America now there has been no justice for all of the victims of racism and police brutality. There has been no justice. Instead the President is inciting the violence, causing division and has ordered police and military to use extreme force on protesters. Police are also beating and arresting journalists. People are angry. Instead of charging all the racist officers involved in the violent murder of black people, the President is adding fuel to the fire and is responsible for the unrest. People are angry. They need their voices heard and things must change. To any police officer in America reading this...your duty is to Protect and to Serve. By shooting tear gas, beating protesters and using excessive force you are bringing disgrace to your badge and you should be charged with assault. Do not follow orders blindly. If something is morally wrong do not do it. This is what happened with the rise of the Nazis in Germany. It is alarming to see the similarities now with Trump threatening martial law. The world looks on in horror but if we don't use our voice now things will only get worse. Speak up now. Demand justice. End racism and oppression. Do not be silenced. ✊🏿 #georgefloyd #blacklivesmatter ter #EndRacisn

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On his Twitter he even posted a video encouraging his fans to sign a petition and demand justice for George Floyd in a video that has attracted over 200,000 views and thousands of supportive messages.

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Oli, get off the main page and go post about yourself on the forums, you are not k-pop.



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WHY are posts about this guy being posted on this website


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