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Members of NCT fandom release a statement asking for Taeyong to be removed from the group


NCT fandom members on Korean community platform sites Instiz and Jjukbang Cafe have released a statement asking for Taeyong to be removed from the group. 

The long message highlights four main points regarding their decision which are as follows: 

1. Taeyong never gave feedback in regards to the controversies and issues he was dealing with, and therefore shouldn't be allowed to promote with NCT

2. Fans have lost trust in Taeyong due to his school violence and bullying allegations, as well as his handling of the situation

3. Allowing Taeyong to continue promotions would cause further harm to the victim and informant. 

4. Taeyong's involvement in the group is damaging NCT's image and growth

The statement also states that Taeyong's presence is detrimental to NCT 127 and NCT's overall brand, especially due to his pre-debut controversies. It seems like Taeyong's bullying allegations have played a huge role in the official fandom writing and signing this statement. Fans also criticized SM Entertainment's and Taeyong's reaction to the scandal, saying that they took his side of the story seriously. However, due to additional information revealed by an informant, many fans are demanding Taeyong's departure. 

Global fans are also reacting to this issue and voicing their support for Taeyong, saying: 

What are your opinions on this issue? 

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bangchansteponme414 pts 25 days ago 17
25 days ago

first, nctzen don't claim these fools

second, they can release as many statements as they want cause Taeyong aint going nowhere. I'll give up Taeyong when you pry his photos out of my cold dead hands


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LittleSukie4,170 pts 25 days ago 1
25 days ago

These people need a life that does not involve kpop and idols. Like seriously, no sane individual who has school, work and adulting to do would spend time writing letters to throw a member out of the group. This is not your life, not your decision. He is not your family and is not in any way affecting your existence. The best thing you can do in your life is to look after yourself and your well being. Let idols live their lives and deal with their shit on their own.


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