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Informant A reveals that BTS Suga was well aware it was Jim Jones' speech and intentionally sampled it for his mixtape


BTS Suga explained that "he didn't realize it was inappropriate" when producer sampled Jim Jones' speech for his mixtape D-2 but there are reports that it was intentional and the evidence is because of another non-title track "Set Me Free."

In an exclusive report by WikiTree on the 1st, Suga's track "Set Me Free" also from his mixtape D-2 also referenced Post Malone's "Jonestown." This is the same place where "Jonestown massacre" by cult leader Jim Jones took place. 

Suga reportedly asked for advice from a famous Korean producer that produced for other idol groups and collaborated with famous artists overseas. Informant A revealed, "If Post Malone had not released a song called 'Johnstown', Suga's Set Me Free' could not have been born."

A firm analyzed the code progress of the two songs noting that both 'Set Me Free' and 'Johnstown' were in the same B♭ order and flow. Both songs were similar to the top-line election in the B♭ code, which starts with C code and appears in a four-word riff.

This was not the only evidence. The overall arrangement of instruments (base, guitar, drum) and BPMs were also similar. The vocal melodies were also similar. The source explained, "I can say without a reasonable doubt that Suga was hooked on 'Johnstown' and made it as a reference."

Post Malone's "Johnstown" is about a massacre in Guyana Johnstown in the United States. If Suga referred to the song and wrote and composed "Set Me Free," it is possible that he inserted the controversial speech into "What Do You Think" well aware it was cult leader Jim Jones.

This means that Big Hit's stance that "the producer sampled the speech in error" was a complete lie. 

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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

lmao, I don't think anyone could honestly say they believe he didn't know.


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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

It wasnt even the Sampling thats the issue. Stans did really twist and reach and made inaccurate historical statements to create a narrative to why he put that sample in there. They berated other people with made up reasons and then attacked those who corrected them. Then it turned out that it was for aesthetic. JJ was already a paranoid mass murdering zealot so people didnt need to make up things just to prove why the song was sampled. They didnt have to attack fans who didnt like the sample the way they did either.


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