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Former Crayon Pop member Way gets a Brazilian wax, learns about idol waxing trends from popular shop frequented by celebrities


Former Crayon Pop member Way got a Brazilian wax at a popular waxing shop that is frequented by celebrities in a new video uploaded on her YouTube channel on June 17. 

She held a Q&A session with the employee who revealed that many celebrities get Brazilian waxing from the shop, shocking Way who has never experienced it. According to the employee, idols also focus a lot on their arms and legs while female idols often get their stomachs waxed as well. 

Male idols who often go shirtless will also wax their armpits, chest, back, and nipples, much to Way's shock. Idols will also wax their fingers and hands as well when going on TV. 

She then experienced a Brazilian wax for the first time in her life after much fear and trepidation. 

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I knew it. Female idols wear shorts so short there's no way you wouldn't see some pubes.


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26 days ago

I'm glad to know the they also have hair on their fingers lol I thought Korean women are naturally hairless or smh (like they don't need to use deo). Also, i highly recommend epilator for the fingers and armpit. It's a little uncomfortable at first, but it's worth it and you can do it at home. I only have to do it 2x a week instead of everyday shawing (my hair and nails are growing fast everywhere, but they are not that dark)



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