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Fans think Cosmic Girls may be hinting at the return of their 3 Chinese members


As many of you know, Cosmic Girls recently made a comeback with the release of their newest mini album 'Neverland' and their elegant title track, "Butterfly"!

However, shortly after the group's comeback, several fans noticed that the ending formation 

of "Butterfly" seemed off-balance and unconventional.

Some netizens speculated that Cosmic Girls may be hinting at the possible return of their 3 Chinese members, Meiqi, Xuanyi, and Cheng Xiao!

Furthermore, it was also noted that toward the end of a recent, special YouTube clip, the scene displayed 13 yellow keys hanging on a board, resembling a similar "formation" to the off-balance formation seen in "Butterfly". Cosmic Girls previously debuted as 13-members, but currently promote as 10-members with Meiqi and Xuanyi promoting as members of a project group known as Rocket Girls in China, and Cheng Xiao promoting in China as a soloist/actress. 

Another supposed "clue" to Cosmic Girls's full reunion as 13-members was that Rocket Girls member Xuanyi was recently seen wearing a lt of "Butterfly" accessories in her everyday clothing. 

And last, but not least, fans believe that Cheng Xiao has been hinting at her affection for Cosmic Girls, such as through a recent tattoo spotted on her arm of 13 dots. 

Some time ago, the idol was seen writing in Korean for the first time in a while on her Instagram. 

Then, Cosmic Girls member Dayoung appeared and left a friendly comment under Cheng Xiao's post, writing, "Ang, so cool (heart)." Cheng Xiao responded with "Woowoo T woo Dayoung TT". 

Seeing some of the "clues" laid out by fans, some netizens shared their opinions with comments like, "If they did successfully bring all of them back, they would be a force to reckon with TT", "Wow there were a lot of comments about the weird ending formation but if it was planned all along, major props", "Even though I'm not getting my hopes up too much, seeing all 13 again would be so awesome", "I mean, it's true that butterfly patterns are really in right now...", "I don't know about the other stuff, but the 13 keys was intended no matter how you look at it?", "I would cry if this actually happened", "Idols coming back from China?? That would be a first", and more. 

What do you think of the speculations?

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kxk14,576 pts Wednesday, June 17, 2020 0
Wednesday, June 17, 2020

rocket girls are disbanding this month so I think there is big possibility for this to happen Im all for it ot13 !



shooterforexo52 pts Wednesday, June 17, 2020 4
Wednesday, June 17, 2020

If they come back, it'll probably be in a while, they're VERY busy in china right now, especially Cheng Xiao and all her dramas (Spirit Realm and Falling Into Your Smile), she's also going to mentor in Youku's We Are Young 2020 so.. yeah very busy. And with Meiqi and Xuanyi, while Rocket Girls ARE going to be disbanding soon it just makes more sense for them to promote more in China because they are SO popular there, while if they came back to Korea, they'd be pushed to the side. If they do come back (and probably not soon) it'll be for a short promotion times before going back to China and promoting as soloist or actresses. (Not that I wouldn't want OT13, but I'm thinking logically here)


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