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Model Han Hyun Min talks about prejudice and discrimination he experienced, visits elementary school homeroom teacher who helped him


    Model Han Hyun Min talked about the discrimination he experienced when he was younger. 

    On the May 15th broadcast of 'Love on the Air', Han Hyun Min was seen looking for his elementary school homeroom teacher. While searching, he talked about the prejudices he faced, saying: "My friend stole something from a supermarket, but the owner accused me of stealing. My mom would get upset due to misunderstandings like these. I was born in Haebangchon. I was doing well until kindergarten, but when I was going to elementary school, I heard that we'd be moving. I started attending Bokwang Elementary School. I really didn't want to leave my close friends behind. Your standing in kindergarten transfers over to the elementary school, so I had a hard time transitioning for the first one to two years. I had no friends and I found it hard to adjust. We were deciding partners and the girl who was assigned to me started crying. I became violent and started fighting. I had such a hard time I even got help for depression. My mom was really sad." 

    He continued, saying: "When I became a third grader, I met Lee Young Hwee teacher. I was really grateful because she treated me the same as the other students, without prejudice. I felt it clearly." Check out the clips from the show below!

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    hyunjinslips126 pts Friday, May 15, 2020 9
    Friday, May 15, 2020

    What is so upsetting is how black people always have a long list of hurtful discriminatory experiences and no one is ever really bothered by that. No one ever decides something should be done or that they should change or that they should teach their kids better. It's always just shrugged off like "that's how its always been and thats how its supposed to be." But then when you accuse a culture of being racist its "you can't say that, its racist. We're a good people. We're not all the same. You cant judge all of us for the mistakes of a small few. They're exaggerating, they're pulling the race card etc We live in a post racism society, everyone gets fair treatment now." So convenient. Then they pull out the few celebs who made it as proof "oprah and beyonce are richer than me, so all black people are living fair lives now"


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    nina97x5,290 pts Friday, May 15, 2020 0
    Friday, May 15, 2020

    A good teacher makes all the difference. Im glad he found support... just sad it took 2years to find someone that treated him as an equal.



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