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Pro gamer teams say they want to play PUBG with EXO's Baekhyun


EXO's Baekhyun is receiving invites to play video PUBG with some impressive folks!

The star recently reached out to the public during the quarantine season via Twitter with a tweet that reads: "Is there anyone who is good at PUBG?"

Baekhyun began receiving love calls from multiple pro teams. PUBG World Champions Gen.G Esports replied saying: "Did you call the number one team in PUBG?" Baekhyun then replied saying: "Wow... I am a fan! I watch all your private broadcast. And in competitions! LOL." 

Baekhyun then received a message from Team Griffin who said: "We came after hearing a rumor that you were looking for people good at PUBG. Were you looking for our team?" Baekhyun replied: "WOWWW LOL!! This doesn't seem real!" 

Gen.G Esports then invited Baekhyun to a gaming session, asking if he "would you like to eat chicken together? (PUBG Winning Phrase is Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner)." 

Baekhyun adorably replied: "M..Me!!? Wow I'm personally happy because I get to learn more, it'll be great lol" 

Team Griffin continued on the quest to win Baekhyun's love, saying: "If you go with us Baekhyun-nim, it is possible to have a 4: 1 save. Eri 1. @Griffin_Asura Eri 2. @griffin_2tap Eri 3. @griffin_Minsung Eri 4. @griffin_2heart." Baekhyun replied: "Eri LOLLLL thank you! I just not at that level, I'm a beginner." 

Players for Team Griffin began showering Baekhyun with love from their individual accounts, with one player asking if Baekhyun would like to have ramen with him, and another who said: "I love you Baekhyun! I want to play with you." 

Netizens are reacting to this wholesome situation and Baekhyun's adorable fanboying, with comments stating: 

"The pro gamers who offered to play with Baekhyun are the top 0.1615% of players." 

"Baekhyun's word choice is so cute" 

"His class.. this is the life of a top-class idol."

What do you think? 

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skyammie83 pts Saturday, April 11, 2020 0
Saturday, April 11, 2020

awww~~ this is so cute!, Baekhyung oppa ! he is awesome!



Kkkpopvvv4,243 pts Saturday, April 11, 2020 0
Saturday, April 11, 2020

time to get PUBG lol do you guys remember when baekyun played with EXO-L and one fans said I love you and he said I love you too and just shot them lol EXO members are precious



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