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Netizens wonder where the 58M USD donated by celebrities & large corporations went, as Daegu healthcare workers reveal they haven't been paid for over a month


According to news reports back on April 7, numerous volunteer healthcare workers who flocked to the city of Daegu to aid in the severe COVID19 situation have gone unpaid for over a month. 

Previously, officials of the city of Daegu commented during a press conference that they would be paying volunteer healthcare workers every two weeks for their services. However, according to one nurse 'A', all she received after arriving in Daegu as a volunteer was her first payment, which was to cover approximately 10-days worth of living and food expenses.  'A' added that she has been working 10-hours a day since she arrived in Daegu for over month, however, soon she will have labored without pay for two months. 'A' stated that the lack of pay will directly affect her family. 

News outlets have reported that approximately 2,100 healthcare workers are currently working in Daegu as volunteers. Among them, several hundred of them have gone unpaid. 

Regarding the controversial news, the city of Daegu responded, "Due to administration issues, payment of some volunteer healthcare workers has been delayed to mid-April. There are too many healthcare workers to account, and processing their payments through their different health insurance platforms is very complicated." 

Despite the city of Daegu's explanation, netizens have little sympathy for the city and their "administration issues". Many know that immediately after the COVID19 pandemic struck Korea back in February, a huge number of top celebrities made generous donations specifically toward the city of Daegu to aid in the fight against the virus. Adding the amount of celebrity donations as well as aid and donations provided by large corporations, the city of Daegu has received over 70 billion KRW (~58 million USD) in COVID19 relief funds. Furthermore, the government recently also issued another COVID19 relief fund of approximately 20 billion KRW to the city of Daegu. 

Now, netizens want to know where these "relief funds" are being used if not for paying hardworking healthcare workers, commenting, "I'm from Daegu and this makes me so mad", "The city officials asked for help and then took the money and ran", "The vice president of 'Samsung' gave Daegu like 30 billion KRW alone. Just find out where that money went and I'm sure all of the people in Daegu will be a lot happier than they are now", "In times like these you can't help but worry that all of that money donated for a good cause might fall into wrong hands...", and more. 

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Where has the money gone? Probably siphoned off into someone's personal bank account.


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