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Former 5dolls & DIA member Jo Seung Hee clarifies that she is not PocketDol Studio's CEO


On April 1, former 5dolls member and former DIA member Jo Seung Hee took to her Instagram to send out both a request and warning to netizens. 

The former idol clarified, "I am not PocketDol Studio's CEO, I'm just a producer. The CEO of the company is someone that you all know. Music and record producer Kim Kwang Soo is the executive leader of PocketDol Studio."

She continued, "Furthermore, I am not only in charge of managing our company's boy group members; I also participate in work related to the unnies and dongsaengs in the trot genre at our company. No matter how much you ask me, I cannot single-handedly make any decisions regarding our company artists." 

Finally, Jo Seung Hee revealed that she is currently receiving hundreds of requests and even malicious slander directed toward her from various fans of PocketDol Studio artists. She warned that if such requests and slander continue, she will be taking legal action. 

Meanwhile, Jo Seung Hee debuted as a member of girl group 5dolls in 2013, before promoting as a member of DIA from 2015-2016. Her agency PocketDol Studio (also known as MBK Entertainment) is home to artists like Song Ga In, former X1 members Lee Han Gyul and Nam Do Hyun, etc. 

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저는 대표가 아니구요 프로듀서 입니다. 회사대표님은 여러분들이 다 아시는 분이시죠.. 더더군다나 제가 남자아이돌만 담당이 아닌 포켓돌 소속의 트롯분야에 있는 언니 동생들의 모든 아티스트의 전반적인 일들에 아주 소소하게 일로써 참여 하고 있습니다. 저한테 아무리 얘기하셔도 회사의 모든 계획과 일들은 제 독단적으로 진행 할 수 없습니다... 오해하고 있는 부분들이 많아 저에게 하루에도 몇백개의 어떤 요구사항과 입에 담지 못할 비방글을 많이 보내시는데..다시 한번 말씀 드리지만 저는 회사 대표가 아닙니다. 여러분이 아끼시는 아티스트처럼 저도 한 회사의 아티스트로써 그리고 한 아티스트를 위해 일 하는 직원으로써 조금 정신이 지치네요. 여러분들이 저에게 막무가내로 말씀하신후 마음이 편안해지셨듯.. 저도 제 마음이 편안해지는 방법을 찾아야겠어요.. 저도 사람이니까요 저에 대한 비방글이나 허위사실에 대해서는 여태 까지의 모든 것들을 자료수집후..선처 없는 대응 하겠습니다...

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Oh wow I wouldn’t have thought she would be involved with mbk still lol, I figured she was done being in the business but I guess she just didn’t want to be an idol.


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Thursday, April 2, 2020

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