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Yeonwoo, Ga In, Lee Da In, Shin Ah Young & more respond to being followed on Instagram by 'Telegram Nth Room' sex trafficking suspect


Female celebrities Yeonwoo, Ga In, Lee Da In, Shin Ah Young, and more responded to being followed on Instagram by the 'Telegram Nth Room' sex trafficking suspect.

As previously reported
, the identity of the main suspect involved in the frightening sex trafficking controversy has been revealed as 25-year-old Jo Joo Bin who used the pseudonym 'Baksa', and it's now been uncovered that he followed hundreds of female celebrities on Instagram. The 'Telegram Nth Room' refers to a sex trafficking and abuse scandal in which perpetrators opened chat rooms through the service Telegram to share sexually explicit photos and videos of female victims, including minors, to some 260,000 users. It's reported blackmail was used to coerce victims into violent acts, including sexual assault, and videos of the acts were sold to users.

Former Momoland member Yeonwoo expressed her thoughts about being followed by Jo Joo Bin on Instagram stories, saying, "Don't worry. I blocked him. You don't avoid dung because it's scary. You avoid it because it's dirty. Everyone, be careful." Former Jewelry member Yewon said, "Thank you to everyone who sent me DMs telling me about this! I blocked him right away! Let's all live in a clean world without trash." Ga In expressed, "Okay! I blocked him, the [expletive]." 

TV host Shin Ah Young commented, "I want to throw up. One of my students contacted me for the first time in a while. They told me an account suspected of belonging to the main operator of the 'Nth Room' follows me on Instagram and that I should block him right away. I went to check, and it was true. I blocked him right away, but the uncomfortable feeling won't go away." Actress Lee Da In said, "I have blocked the account suspected of belonging to Jo Joo Bin! I'm very grateful to the people who've sent me DMs out of worry. He was following me. I never even thought of this, and it's frightening."

'Surprise' actress Kim Ha Young said, "I got goosebumps. Devils hide in our midst with ordinary faces. I really hope he gets punished under the law. If you're human, if you were born a human, you can't do things like this."

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Winston6,078 pts Tuesday, March 24, 2020 9
Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Worst thing is this guy "Jo Joo Bin" was on TV recently for doing charity and he said he did charity work to repay the love he got.

he was pictured as a "kind guy who do a lot of charity work" in the day, but little does ppl know he is a wolf in sheep clothing.

He has been helping out in the disabled and orphan community and was even interviewed by TV for his "good work"

-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grDl_EwcItc

its in Chinese



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Winston6,078 pts Tuesday, March 24, 2020 0
Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Right now because the case also involved "Telegram" so the FBI is also assisting in the investigation with the Korean police. Probably to reveal the accounts of those involved. and also since the "contents" and photos are stored in Telegram's servers, it probably also violated USA's underage porn laws, since some of those are still in school and underaged.



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