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A reporter asks if TXT or ATEEZ will be BTS's successor, netizens say no one will


Many news outlets and netizens are keeping track of BTS's amazing success, and a reporter seems to be curious about who the supergroup's successors will be.

A recent article by a Hankyung reporter brought up the question under the headline "Who is BTS's successor?...TXT-ATEEZ" and surmised that TXT and ATEEZ were strong candidates to continue BTS's legacy in the K-pop industry. Both groups are noted to have incredible popularity overseas, especially in markets such as Southeast Asia, the United States, Mexico, and Brazil. 

However, Korean netizens took to the comments to insist that there is no group that can parallel or match BTS, stating: 

"No one can beat BTS. After many decades, I heard they were called The Beatles in the US."

"I don't think any group can be called their successors because they're so popular."

"BTS is so famous and achieved so much. I don't think anyone can be the successor to BTS. I heard that there aren't any kids in the US that don't know about BTS."

"The answer to who can succeed BTS is no one. When BTS calls it quits, that will be the saddest day."

What do you think? 

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14 days ago

The question is so wrong. It's like they want to fuel a fanwar between moas and atinys. And I think it's too early to talk about BTS's successors when they haven't even reached the peak of their career yet.


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Astres_Dare581 pts 14 days ago 9
14 days ago

To be fair, I do not really like the question itself. Like there will be no next BTS, they are TXT and Ateez. I think people like those groups because of themsevles, not because "they are like/next BTS".
I know BTS are most popular and draw people into Kpop (myself included), so I do not know what will happen with popularity without them.
"When BTS calls it quits, that will be the saddest day." - I agree, but not because of decrease of popularity, I will be sad just becasue they are....them. Just a thought makes me sad.


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