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Stray Kids's maknae line boys dish on their similarities, differences, first impressions, & more in 'Marie Claire'


Stray Kids's maknae-line boys Felix and I.N. paired up for a unique fashion photoshoot in 'Marie Claire'!

The two boys tried out various unique high fashion accessories while maintaining professionalism in front of the camera throughout the shoot. Afterward during their interview, Felix and I.N. dished all about each other!

First, the two started out by recalling each other's first impressions. I.N. explained why he said in the past that Felix seemed to have a 'black aura' when he they first met. "He was a type of person I'd never met before until then. It wasn't like there weren't other trainees who lived overseas before, but Felix hyung was especially very different. He had a unique aura," I.N. relayed. But when asked if Felix still had the same aura now, the idol said, "Haha... We've known each other too long now." 

Felix also shared his first impression of I.N. with, "He had a good first impression on people. Even in his expressionless state, you could sense warmth from him, so I thought that I wanted to become friends. Ever since our trainee days, I.N. was popular with everyone because he was kind and cute. I think it's still that way now. But the more I got to know him, the more he felt like a hyung in a way, rather than a dongsaeng." 

Are Felix and I.N. similar, in their opinions? I.N. answered, "We have similarities, but we have more differences. I'm shy and closed off with strangers but Felix hyung approaches others first. He befriends new people so easily." Felix added on, "We're similar when we're playing games. And we find similar things funny or entertaining." 

Finally, Felix and I.N. shared some memories just between the two of them, with, "There was one time when we received a vacation, and the rest of the members all went home so we were the only two left in the dorms. We ordered fried chicken feet and pizza, and had a fun day playing Jenga and watching dramas." 

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LoNEQuiet102 pts Tuesday, December 24, 2019 0
Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The -hyung thing really killed me. Our baby IN grew and Felix feel it too. Idk I'm emotionaly confused.

I'm happy to see that they received vacation and spend some time together.

SKZ fighting



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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Felix befriends ppl easily aww



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