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Singer Gilgun leaves a condolences post for Sulli and Hara, met with malicious commenters


Singer Gilgun left a warm condolences post for Sulli and Hara only to be met with malicious commenting.

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얘들아...그곳에선 행복하길... . . . 무엇이...그렇게...힘들었니... 그냥...선배로써...언니로써... 기도하는 사람으로써...미안해... . . . #rip🙏 #함께기도해줘요 . 사람이 죽었어요!!! 너무도 어린나이에... 당연히 안타까워해야하는거 아니에요? 나랑친분이 있었냐구요??? 데뷔때부터봤던 후배입니다. 함께연습실을썼던...연습실에서부터 봤던... 오늘따라...맘이 많이 힘드네요... 디엠으로...크리스챤으로써 그곳에서 행복해라라고 쓸수있냐며...저를 욕하는사람이있지를 않나... 그곳이 어디일지는 모르지만...어디서든 여기보단 행복하라고 쓴거에요 이친구들이 믿는지 안믿는지도 모르는데...그게 그렇게 잘못된건가요... 그냥 이모든 상황이 안타깝고....답답하네요... 제가 생각하는 크리스챤은요...함께 울어줄수있는사람입니다.

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The singer posted to her personal Instagram on November 25th with the caption: "Guys please be happy up there. What was so difficult? I'm sorry as your senior, your unni, and as someone who prays." 

However, some malicious commenters took this opportunity to react to Gilgun's message. Although the malicious comments were deleted, Gilgun responded strongly, updating her post with an addition to her original caption stating: 

"A person died. At such a young age. Isn't it obvious to feel like something was lost? You're asking if we had mutual acquaintances? They are juniors I saw since they debuted, using the same practice rooms. Today my heart is really having a hard time. For those of you who wrote in my DM's for writing as a Christian for them to be happy up there and cursing me and asking me how I could write that, I don't know where they are but it sure must be better than here. Is it so wrong to not know? This entire situation is unfortunate. I think Christians would be crying with me."

What do you think of this situation?

  1. Sulli
  2. Hara
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ikoniczt265 pts Monday, November 25, 2019 28
Monday, November 25, 2019

people just don't learn...


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kxk4,530 pts Monday, November 25, 2019 0
Monday, November 25, 2019

this is an endless cycle I don’t know what would have to happen for the malicious comments to stop all together is losing 2 young beautiful souls not enough? 😥



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