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Reports reveal Jung Joon Young, Jonghun & others' statements at 9th trial for sexual assault


Statements by Jung Joon Young, Jonghun, and 3 other men at their 9th trial for sexual assault have been revealed.

Though the trial was private, reports have now revealed the statements by the accused during the trial. Jung Joon Young stated, "I haven't apologized to the victims once, and I want to apologize. If I had been considerate of the other party at least once, I wouldn't have caused them hurt. I really regret my foolishness. Though I deny parts of the case, I am apologetic on a moral level that I shamed them in KaKaoTalk chats and made them feel bad."

Jonghun stated, "I gained popularity at a young age, and I did not live humbly. I'm embarrassed to apologize for my unscrupulous actions now. The crime of quasi-rape is too heavy, and I feel it's unfair." Mr. Kwon, who is also known as the brother of Girls' Generation's Yuri, stated, "It will be carved on my heart forever that I've made my fiancee, family, and sister, who has to live in the public eye, share this crime with me and that I caused pain."

The final verdict is expected to be revealed on November 29 at 11AM KST.

As previously reported on November 13, Jung Joon Young, Jonghun, and 3 other men, including Kim and Kwon, attended their 9th trial for group sexual assault at the Seoul Central District Court. Prosecutors demanded 7 years of prison for Jung Joon Young for aggravated rape and for filming and distributing illegal hidden camera footage of women, and they requested 5 years of prison for Jonghun on the charges of aggravated rape. 'Burning Sun' employee Mr. Kim and Mr. Kwon are facing 10 years in prison for raping an unconscious victim, while former entertainment agency employee Mr. Heo is facing 5 years.

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kagayakugucci4,393 pts Wednesday, November 13, 2019 6
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

It's honestly amazing to me that until the very end they claim they feel apologetic, but about what exactly I'm not sure. Misogynistic words said in the chatroom I guess? But at the same time they deny doing the actual crimes? I genuinely wish I could hear how their actual defense is even constructed, cause it sounds insane from where I'm sitting. Yuri's brother even has a fiancee, literally send them to the gulags, garbage that cannot be recycled!


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justicevscrime-168 pts Wednesday, November 13, 2019 0
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

In some drama about crime, some judge maybe say the criminal dont show any regret for their crime etc so i will give heavy punishment. From my view, they just admit they are guilty and apologize to victims in case the judge or jury will help reduce their period of punishment. Jjy has history he pretend to apologize in front media so that they will forget and forgive him.



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