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MMO Entertainment responds to Kim Sung Hyun's allegations and reasons for leaving IN2IT


MMO Entertainment has responded to Kim Sung Hyun's allegations and reasons for leaving IN2IT.

On September 5, the label announced Kim Sung Hyun would be leaving IN2IT, and he later claimed in an Instagram post that CJ ENM was demanding 100,000 USD in damages and revealed the grievances he had towards his former agency. According to Kim Sung Hyun, he never received any payment from MMO, and after he confided in the company that his father was undergoing financial and health difficulties, the agency requested large amounts of money from him as well as his sick father.

MMO has now responded to his claims, stating, "After his appearance in 'Produce x 101' was confirmed, Kim Sung Hyun asked for separate settlement of his financial account than his members. When the program ended, he asked to withdraw from IN2IT and end his contract. Though we consistently requested that he rejoin IN2IT, Kim Sung Hyun rejected all the offers and revealed his intention to withdraw. We thought it wasn't right to their waiting fans, so after speaking with Kim Sung Hyun, we released the announcement [of his withdrawal] today."

The label continued that Kim Sung Hyun's allegations against MMO is defamation of character, and they'll be responding firmly. MMO also asserted they'd met all their duties as an agency under Fair Trade Commission laws, and Kim Sung Hyun is one-sidedly making claims in order to terminate his contract. 

Stay tuned for updates.

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Gonzalezell349 pts Thursday, September 5, 2019 1
Thursday, September 5, 2019

so basically what i gathered is that the company is trying to say is after he went to produce he got the big head got his finances separated from the groups and probably wanted to go solo instead of going back to in2it . those are some shots fired right there x.x \

idk whats true and whats not, but its all just sad, things didnt work out for them, i dont really stan in2it but i do like the one boy isaac, ive seen him host several shows and he seems like a very genuine good kid, i really hope things will be ok for him and the other boys that are left in the company 😭


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trogdorthe8th8,823 pts Thursday, September 5, 2019 0
Thursday, September 5, 2019

In the end, what this really comes down to is the contract that both parties signed. A court needs to identify what was agreed upon in terms of investment by the company as well as monetary agreements between the two. The fact is, whether we like the terrible way things went down for the participants of Boys 24 and everything the young men in this group have had to go through since that train wreck of a program, if the binding contract that both parties agreed to spells out a specific set of guidelines that one or both parties had to fulfill then that is what should be upheld in court. If there was nothing stated in the contract that holds the company responsible, then he shouldn't have signed such a terrible contract. However, if he can prove that the company has not upheld specific monetary agreements and has further prevented Kim Sung Hyun from expanding his career, this could be considered self-sabotage and a breach of contract on behalf of the company, which could allow him to terminate it and move on. But even if he can prove that in court, he will still have to answer for the B.E.P. money (break even point) that he would have owed them regardless for training under the company.



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