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Actress Lee Si Young shares diet tips that helped her achieve chiseled post-baby abs


Actress Lee Si Young shared the diet tips that helped her get washboard abs after having a baby. Lee was married in 2017 and currently has a son. She has flaunted incredible physique ever since, and here are diet tips from her that helped her achieve her body. 

On September 21, she posted a picture of her meal and shared thorough diet tips. In a caption, she says, 

"For protein, I eat tofu, beef, eggs, tuna, beans, and buckwheat. I always try to refuel right after my workout and when I'm running short on time I drink protein supplement instead. Those are sauteed tomatoes with olive oil in the picture. I like it better with the oil because it's more satiating. Also, I heard it's more nutritious that way. I paired tomatoes because I heard post-workout refueling should be accompanied with at least some carbs. 

I know that seaweed looks a little random but whether or not you are on a diet you should consume some seaweed for your health. It's packed with micronutrients, good for your bowel movements, and I heard it also fights fine dust. The one I eat is without added salt. 

Also, I like ground beef because I feel it's easier for me to digest. Portion size-wise, 150 grams per serving seems adequate for women. Over consuming protein is detrimental to your liver and excess would not be absorbed by your body anyway. 

If your diet is protein-focused, consider taking liver supplements such as milk thistle. In the picture, the beef is 240 grams and I divide that between two meals. Any lean part ground up would do good." #goodnight #saynotolatenightsnacks #fighting 

For those who had a fitness-focused new year's resolution, are you ready to try out her tips? 

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Naruta250 pts Saturday, September 21, 2019 3
Saturday, September 21, 2019

🤦‍♀️ I never heard of a diet that gets you any kind of abs 🤣😂😅. She forgets to mention the countless hours she spent at the gym. THAT'S where you get those abs.


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JaneStewart284 pts Saturday, September 21, 2019 0
Saturday, September 21, 2019

She is athletic to begin with and most likely throughout her pregnancy was still keeping fit.



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