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Singer Park Hyo Shin facing another lawsuit for failing to pay several million won in interior construction fees


Singer Park Hyo Shin is facing another lawsuit for charges of fraud - this time, for failing to interior construction fees amounting to "several ten million won" (10 million won = approximately 8,000 USD).

According to reports, this second lawsuit is a separate lawsuit from his previous fraud suit involving approximately 400 million won (~ 329,000 USD) in luxury "gifts", received with a verbal promise to sign with victim 'A's label. 

An entirely different individual from the above mentioned 'A' has filed a lawsuit against Park Hyo Shin with the Yangju Police office back on August 7. 'B' claimed that in 2016, Park Hyo Shin hired 'B' to perform interior construction at a building meant to be used as Park Hyo Shin's own agency. But after seeing the initial constructions completed, Park Hyo Shin allegedly claimed that he was not pleased with the results, and requested adjustments and modifications twice. Afterward, the singer allegedly failed to pay for any of the requested adjustment and modification fees. 

'B' additionally claimed that they attempted to receive the unpaid fees from Park Hyo Shin countless times, but after nearly 3 years, they've decided to file an official lawsuit. 

Park Hyo Shin's label Glove Entertainment has yet to respond to such allegations. 

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Saturday, August 10, 2019

i wonder why there are so many fraud and Debt Owe cases in Korea where people lend large sums of money without any written IOU or entered into a contract just verberally agreeing to join the other person's label and receive gifts.

if there is no evidence he signed a legal contract to join the other label and that the other party gave him gifts in hope he do so, then isnt it like a Bribe of sorts, and that he has no need to return it if he treated it like Gifts from the other side to him and he merely change his mind about signing with his label later.

as for the renovation thing, i wonder why they waited for 3 years to file it. they should have done so when they dont get paid within 3 weeks or 3 months and not 3 years.

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