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'Produce x 101' officially releases statement on alleged vote rigging controversy


Mnet's 'Produce x 101' has released an official statement regarding the recent vote rigging controversy.

Though Mnet previously stated the network has no official statement to make on the matter, 'Produce x 101' has released the statement below:

"This is an announcement on the controversy over the gaps in total votes for the 'Produce x 101' live show. Firstly as the production in charge, we sincerely apologize for causing a controversy over the 'Produce x 101' text votes.

During the July 19th live show, 'Produce x 101' revealed the total number of individual votes based on combined online pre-votes and live text votes when each of the 11 members who will debut were announced.

After the broadcast, the 'Produce x 101' producers recognized the gaps in votes between some of the trainees were identical. After checking, we found that although there are no issues with the total ranking, there were errors when calculating and relating the total number of individual votes.

This is an explanation regarding the identical gaps in votes between the trainees.

The 'Produce x 101' staff in charge of calculating votes during the live show confirmed the rankings through multiple methods by recording the rankings based on vote counts and calculating them based on the percentage of each trainee's votes. However, in the process of confirming the rankings, the staff rounded the vote percentages up to two decimal places, and the vote counts converted from the vote percentages were relayed to the live show.

Once again, we confirm there were no changes to rankings in this process.

We once again apologize to the producers and those who supported and voted for 'Produce x 101' and also to the trainees and related parties.

We'll improve our text voting system and calculation system to prevent this problem from occurring again in the future.

Our production staff will put in our full effort to produce more transparent and fair programs in the future."

As previously reported, a group of viewers of 'Produce x 101' raised concerns of vote rigging after the results were announced. Congressman Ha Tae Kyung of the Bareun Future party has become involved, and lawyer Goo Hye Min has reportedly filed a complaint with the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office on behalf of fans as the show has allegedly violated 'Public Responsibility in Broadcasting' and 'Fairness in Public Interest of Broadcasting' laws. The Korea Communications Standards Commission is also reportedly considering an investigation.

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shakennotstirred289 pts Wednesday, July 24, 2019 2
Wednesday, July 24, 2019

But why did they still have to convert it then reconvert it. They can just show the votes as is.

That's an even shadier explanation.


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bitchyfangirl64 pts Wednesday, July 24, 2019 0
Wednesday, July 24, 2019

They should be investigated. Why do it in percent if they were going to recalculate it back in votes again? It makes no sense. They could have just showed the actual number of votes. Not their "recalculated" rounded off or whatever excuse they are saying.

The values of the difference between total votes per trainee should still not be divisible by that particular number... because the difference should still be randomized. It's a mathematical impossibility, even with a converted percentage with 2 decimal places rounded off. The difference shouldn't be from a specific divisible number.

Who are they trying to trick? Those fans can calculate too.


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