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Kang Ji-hwan appoints lawyer & undergoes 2nd round of investigations


Source: SPOTV News

The second round of investigations into Kang Ji-hwan's alleged r*pe suspicions began just after 6:00pm KST on the 10th.

A spokesperson from the Gwangju Police revealed to the media, "The second rounds of investigations of Kang Ji-hwan have began. Kang Ji-hwan appointed a lawyer. We don't know how long the investigations will take."

Due to the seriousness of the allegations, the TV Chosun drama 'Joseon Survival' that Kang Ji-hwan is currently starring in has suspended this week's broadcast as well as the re-runs of previous episodes.

Kang Ji-hwan's agency Huayi Brothers said in a press release, "We are closely scrutinizing recent events involving our artist Kang Ji-hwan and are deeply aware of the seriousness of this issue. However, as the police investigation is currently underway we will defer any statements until the results of the investigation are released. Since the victims are also staff members from our team, we are asking for your understanding so that we can protect the two people. Kang Ji-hwan will be canceling all future activities. Once again, we apologize and offer our sincere apologies to those that have been hurt with these allegations."

Kang Ji-hwan is a top hallyu actor in Korea well-known for his works on dramas like 'Be Strong, Geum Soon!', 'Hong Gil-dong', 'Monster', 'Coffee House', 'Big Man', and currently airing period drama 'Joseon Survival.'

  1. [+1,736, -187] First mistake, drinking alcohol so hard you don't remember...second, having two girls in your own house...and third, entering the womens' room...yea he went too far..
  2. [+1,719, -80] You're right it is a big deal..the drama is huge... I'm sure the lawsuit will be more than 3 billion won.. ㅉㅉ
  3. [+1,553, -314] Yes he went too far but what's wrong with these women that went to a man's house and got drunk? See this is what happens...such low-level minded people
  4. [+860, -263] The truth will come out later but it's weird that they got that drunk enough to black out around 9pm?? Isn't that when you get started? Also, isn't it weird that they didn't call the police right away? You said you were having sex...how does that translate to r*pe?..
  5. [+783, -36] Whether its true or not the drama is ruined..
  6. [+301, -90] Something's wrong here...you can text your friend directly and report it but you can't get out?? Did he threaten you with a knife? Why couldn't you leave? Why did you guys even go to his home for second round of drinks? It's just strange..
  7. [+276, -22] Even if you're sleeping next to me don't touch me unless I consent to it. There's been instances where r*pe has even been established between husband and wife. He's not even a child but 40 years old?? Even worse team members he works with? This is the disgusting reality of a drunk man's impulses...so you're saying it's ok you can r*pe your sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, or friends if they got drunk?
  8. [+203, -34] He's a good actor...I really hope its not true

  1. Kang Ji Hwan
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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Blaming someone for trusting their male coworker enough to drink with him? Are they really implying that all men are animals that can't control themselves and shouldn't be trusted since they'll rape you the moment you get drunk with them?


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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

WTF is this, the commentator & the up voters are the low-level minded people.

"[+1,553, -314] Yes he went too far but what's wrong with these women that went to a man's house and got drunk? See this is what happens...such low-level minded people"



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