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GFriend set their own record in album sales with "FEVER SEASON"


The album sales of GFriend's new mini-album "FEVER SEASON" is 100 times higher than their debut album's.

According to Hanteo Chart - the website that lists the largest album sales in Korea, GFriend's new mini-album "FEVER SEASON" recorded 51,234 copies sold in the first week (from July 1 to July 7).

This figure is 11,251 more than the album vol.2 "Time for us" released in January. So far, this is the highest achievement set by GFriend's albums.

In particular, from the starting point of 500 albums sold in the first week of the debut album "Season of Glass", GFriend has gradually shown the growth and demonstrated their powerful spirit when surpassing the current threshold of 50,000 albums.

Moreover, GFriend showed off the powerful fandom heat as the number of albums sold on the first day of release reached over 25,000 copies with the new mini-album "FEVER SEASON".

Thus, GFriend has strengthened their position as a trending girl group as their album sales are continuously growing thanks to the solid fandom both in Korea and abroad.

Moreover, the size of fandom is directly related to the number of albums sold so the development of GFriend fandom has also attracted a lot of interest.

Based on the debut album "Season of Glass", the new mini-album "FEVER SEASON" helps audience to easily see GFriend's maturity through showing their will for music and the passionate performance matching the hot summer that the group will deliver to the public.

The title song "FEVER SEASON" is a song that compares the enthusiasm which does not cool down even at night with the "tropical night". The song stands out thanks to the passionate performance that harmoniously combines the members' feel and "swag" together with the energetic way of performance but still not losing their inherent colors.

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My Daily = Reporter Kim Nara nara927@mydaily.co.kr

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Monday, July 8, 2019

Happy for Gfriend. They have had a few misses for me with their last few comebacks, but I like this one a lot.

This article reads like a high school paper though.



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Monday, July 8, 2019

Proud of my girls!

They have worked very hard and have managed to survive in an industry that is cruel to groups from small agencies. Support Non Big 3 Groups like GFriend and Mamamoo..

They work very hard for every album sale, because they need to earn to keep giving us great music.


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