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Actor Kang Ji Hwan's reps allegedly threaten sexual assault victims


Actor Kang Ji Hwan's reps are reported to have threatened his sexual assault victims.

Kang Ji Hwan admitted to the sexual assault charges against the two contracted agency employees on July 15, and he was dropped from his label Huayi Brothers a day later. On the July 19th installment of 'Entertainment Weekly', reporters headed to Kang Ji Hwan's home to confirm the alleged victims' statements that they weren't able to get cellphone reception. The reporters found it was difficult to find a cell signal due to the home's location.

The victims' lawyer stated, "They went to Kang Ji Hwan's house because it was a farewell party for one of the victims. There were 8 people there in the beginning. After everyone left, Kang Ji Hwan held them back and said he wanted to tell them something and would call a taxi for them later. He opened a bottle of champagne and started a drinking game. He then asked sexual questions they didn't want to answer, so they drank instead. They were sleeping when one of them suddenly felt someone touching her body. When she opened her eyes, Kang Ji Hwan was there naked."

The lawyer also revealed threatening messages the two victims received from Kang Ji Hwan's representatives. The actor's manager sent messages that said, "This will end as soon as an article with an official apology is out," "If you go to court and you're photographed, what are you going to do," and "We have evidence that is damaging to you. Kang Ji Hwan's lost everything. He's already going to be punished, so he's not afraid of anything. The things you're going to be dealing with from now on will be even scarier."

It's further reported the victims plan to take legal action against malicious comments. The lawyer stated, "One victim is feeling guilty and responsible that she wasn't able to block the assault even though she screamed when she saw it happening."

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enzoa239 pts Friday, July 19, 2019 2
Friday, July 19, 2019

Oppa is not so sorry, after all.

His reps are late. Otherwise, he could have become another "innocent" rapist, according to "law", "court" and "judge".


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kagayakugucci4,306 pts Friday, July 19, 2019 9
Friday, July 19, 2019

And to think I was once optimistic about the agency taking the issue seriously due to their good initial public statement. Truly just goes to show that they were fucked from the beginning and the statement was just window dressing, while they were harassing the victims behind in the scenes in a desperate attempt to save the situation. Companies are soulless entities that only care about their profit at the end of the day. Can't the manager be charged with witness intimidation? That last statement can easily be interpreted in a threatening manner.


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