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Posted by emmamadison247,678 pts 4 days ago

YG Entertainment denies allegations of drug use by iKON's B.I


YG Entertainment has released an official statement regarding allegations of drug use by iKON's B.I

In a phone interview with 'Dispatch' on the 12th, a YG entertainment official released a statement to address the allegations and said, "YG strictly manages its artists for drug use. B.I has nothing to do with the alleged 2016 drug case. Every 2 months, YG purchases a drug diagnostic kit from the US and performs drug tests on all artists. All members of iKON including B.I submitted to the urine test ahead all of their activities. Not one member tested positive for drug use. Yang Hyun Suk asked us to release this statement right away to set things straight."

However, shortly after the 'Dispatch' report became a hot issue online, YG Entertainment simply responded to various other media outlets contacting the agency for a statement, "We will release a statement after checking the facts."

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DomasGrainger149 pts 4 days ago 3
4 days ago

of course yg denies it, we all expected this, now its Dispatche's turn to prove they're allegations are not false and yg to be lying ..

they almost always do this with all controversy's its a pattern "deny deny, retract statement, deny, admit, go to court ".. ill never forget the day they denied "seungris chat rooms existence and claimed that the chats were fabricated" XD


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trogdorthe8th3,470 pts 4 days ago 1
4 days ago

Well, now they're playing a game of chicken. The ball's in Dispatch's court, so YG had better hope they don't have any further substantial evidence against B.I. or this will get far worse before it gets better. Also, I don't mean to drag them, but given the other drug scandals they've had with more than one of their artists, they can't really expect the public to have the greatest faith in them screening and watching for drugs. I'm not saying they don't necessarily do that NOW, but it definitely wasn't a priority of theirs before all the other scandals broke.


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