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Suzy ordered to pay compensation to Once Picture studio


Suzy and two others have been ordered to pay compensation to Once Picture studio.

On June 13, the Seoul Southern District Court ruled partially in favor of the plaintiff, Once Picture Studio's CEO Lee, and ordered Suzy and two others to pay 20 million Won ($16,900 USD) in damages each. Suzy ran into trouble with Once Picture last May when she included the studio's name on social media to shed light on YouTuber Yang Ye Won's case. However, it was later found the studio was not involved. 

The studio stated, "It may have not been intentional, but they hold partial responsibility for the escalation of damages," in their suit for 100 million Won ($84,500) against Suzy, the two individuals named in a government petition, and the government. Suzy expressed she'd like to apologize to the studio, but as they denied her offer and requested to speak to her lawyer, she posted the apology on social media.

Suzy's lawyer stated, "Though we do feel a moral responsibility, mediation, and compensation are completely different things. We believe this will become a precedent to limit celebrities' freedom of speech. We find it difficult to provide financial compensation."

As previously reported, Yang Ye Won posted a video to YouTube claiming she was sexually assaulted after applying for the position of a part-time fitting model. 

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KESTAR146 pts Thursday, June 13, 2019 3
Thursday, June 13, 2019

When you don't know the facts and have all the reciepts.

Fight the cause yes, but don't implicate others when you don't have solid intel. Peoples lives get ruined over less.


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shakesmilk913 pts Thursday, June 13, 2019 2
Thursday, June 13, 2019

She shouldn't have mentioned the studio. And I get why they had to sue her. If their reputation was ruined because of her mentioning them and they had nothing to do with it all, it makes sense to ask for compensation. Sometimes, this is the worst thing a celebrity could do. They'll say something and drag someone innocent along the process.


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