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SBS 'The Its Know' reveals link between Burning Sun, Hwang Hana, Lin Samo, celebrities & more


Source: OSEN

Hwang Hana who's currently being investigated for drug use is being linked to'Burning Sun Gate'.

SBS' investigative program "I want to Know (The Its Know)" recounted its 162-day record from Hwang Hana's alleged drug use to Burning Sun Gate under the theme of "Hwang Hana and Burning Sun - Secret Privacy of VIPs."

Who is Hwang Hana?

Hwang Hana, well known as the only granddaughter of Namyang Dairy founder chaebol family, was arrested last month on charges of drug use. Hana had previously been suspected of supplying drugs to others in 2015 but never received a police investigation, raising suspicions that she/her family had ties to Police.

After her arrest, Hana shocked the public with her testimony that she was coerced to take drugs by entertainer 'A', her ex-bf Park Yoochun, who confessed to drug use in the past week and is currently awaiting prosecution.

Link between other celebrities doing drugs, MD Hwang Hana, Park Yoochun & alleged child prostitution pimp 00

An informant 'A' who first met Hwang Hana and Park Yoochun in Macau revealed "There's a list dubbed "The Hwang Hana List", that has names of celebrities who use drugs. At first when I got there, Park Yoochun wasn’t there, but I saw him when we went downstairs. It didn’t seem like they were there for gambling or to sight-see. It seemed like they had something going on."

A continued, "There was a time when Hwang Ha Na got drugs for a person who was acting like a puppet [paid to confess to a crime]. Hwang Ha Na gave "00" a list of celebrities who used drugs. Hwang Hana said, "Make a deal using this. Make a deal with the prosecution."

At the time, 00 was wanted for arranging child prostitution domestically and abroad.When asked if 00 had revealed which celebrities were on the list, A said, “He didn’t tell me that. I was most curious about that part, but he wouldn’t tell me.”

OO was arrested in January 2019 and confirmed informant 'A' claims.

Link between Seungri, Burning Sun CEO Lee Munho, MD Cho Moo and Clubs Arena & Monkey Museum

Suspicions have also been raised about a waiter and DJ, identified only by his surname 'Oh' who worked at a club called Monkey Museum, that was run by Club Arena and former Big Bang member, Seungri. DJ Oh also appeared on an entertainment show where Seungri starred in. In particular, Oh, along with Hwang Hana, allegedly supplied drugs to a college student Cho. Oh's relationship with club Burning Sun was also revealed during the coverage process.

Suspicions have also been raised against Burning Sun MD Cho as well as DJ Oh. Cho, served a jail term for allegedly supplying drugs to Kim Moo-sung's son-in-law, and later re-appeared at Burning Sun as MD. One informant 'A' claimed that Burning Sun hired a someone surnamed 'Cho', to entertain VIPs, who would've needed a famous supply plan.

'The Its Know' also released a video clip of Burning Sun CEO Lee Munho, who had tested positive for the drug. In the video, party leader Munho said, "I know it looks bad. It's true that it came out of the hair, but I don't know how it got there and why it came out positive, " he said. CEO Lee Munho then explains that while he was running the club, the drugs entered his body without realizing it while drinking alcohol given to his guests.

Lee Munho also drew a line on his relationship with Cho, saying he is being hurt by malicious rumors. However, informant B said, "I know 100% that CEO Lee Munho did drugs. I was out having a cigarette once and he took out a pipe he had made with tin foil. It's not the same one they use for marijuana or cigarettes."

Link between Burning Sun, Madame Lin Samo (Special VIP) & Kim Sang Kyo's attacker & suspected celebrity in original CCTV video of the assault

'Burning Sun Gate' first began with a simple assault case that spread to suspicions of drug abuse, sexual harassment and police collusion. Burning Sun Director Jangstressed that Kim Sang Kyo's claim that he was abused for saving a woman who was sexually abused was false.

Jang had claimed, "When you watch the CCTV video, there wasn't a strong grip on him at the beginning but Kim Sang Kyo got increasingly insulting." Kim Sang Kyo then countered that the video was fabricated to frame him.

A former employee of Burning Sun said, "I think the Kim Sang Kyo case got bigger because of the drug allegations. There's an actress in her 30s, an employee of a cosmetics company, who hit people that were greeting her with a lightstick for fun. The people she assaulted were in their 40s or 50s. She wasn't drunk or anything but her eyes were bloodshot and she drooled a lot," he said. It's suspected that the actress took drugs.

They also questioned the identity of the person in a gray hoodie who assaulted Kim Sang Kyo. In the club's staff group chat room, he was called 'Nassafam'. Nassafam goes to Burning Sun with VIP Madame Lin Samo.

A Gangnam club official said, "I don't know why they're not being caught. The fact that they're drugged is widely known." When asked of the screw up the official said,"She's a special VIP of Lee Munho's. I understand that he was arrested not long ago. Its said that she has a lot of money because they run an illegal sports gambling place. They're emerging conglomerates but spend more money than chaebols. I wanted to confirm this so I tried to meet in person with one of Nassafam's men but failed."

When asked about the allegations of drug allegations, one of Nassafams men said,"That rumor is so obvious and so on. I regret it too. I'd rather (when he assaulted Kim Sang Kyo) just walked away instead."

Link between Jung Joon Young's 'tokbang', club Burning Sun, and Kim Sang Kyo's attacker

Another link was found in "Jung Joon Young's controversial 'tokbang.'

MD Kim, a member of Jung Joon Young's tokbang was a person who was working on the order. The man, identified only by his family name Kim, was found to have a close relationship with Nassafam.

According to a Burning Sun official, "MD Kim refused to take a drug test."

Link between drugs at Club Burning Sun and sexual assault of women

Tipster 'C' who had visited Burning Sun last year said, "There were 8 of us total. We did a second round at Burning Sun and a Thai man who was with us suggested we drink a very thin alcohol. After drinking 3 or 4 times, I lost consciousness and woke up in a hotel room. Later a CCTV video of me smiling at a Thai man and entering the hotel room surfaced. At the time I was so ill after the drink. I think it might have been caused by the GHB.

Thai men are well known for being gold diggers in Thailand but 'C' refuted the accusations and said that "she was a victim of the Burning Sun case."

A drug researcher Seung Jae-hyun said,"Traditionally, drugs were used as a way to hide from yourself but drugs have now gone into the stage of being used to create a sense of solidarity. I think we must look at this part."

The conclusion

'The It's Know' finally ended the episode saying, "The investigation into the various suspicions including police collusion is slow but it's because it's not easy. It's not easy to break down a sticky cartel. The reason why we focused on drug distribution starting with Hwang Hana is because drugs are the surest material to expose the cartel. Drugs are not dots, but lines. There's a supplier beside the people who abuse the drugs and there's a price to trade. It can be money, opportunity, and privilege."

They continued, "The line that started with Hwang Hana, led to a VIP that had continued a secret private life inside the club Burning Sun. The reality of the collusion we've been seeing all along could be next."

Credit: exxhara


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