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Here are the current top 5 most popular 'Produce X101' picks by netizens, who are yours?


According to netizens ahead of a new episode of Mnet's 'Produce X101' coming up this week, these boys are currently the top 5 contestants in terms of popularity and fandoms on the survival show!

#1 - Kim Yo Han (OUI

(Currently coined as most likely to end up #1 during the 'Produce X101' finale, unbeatable in terms of popularity as of this week.)

2. Kim Min Gyu (Jellyfish)

(Undoubtedly #2 in terms of popularity as of this week, but some netizens are noting that his recently released 'focus-cam' from his group's "The 7th Sense" performance is being received with negative reactions, i.e. 'he's popular for his visuals but needs much much more training'.)

3. Kim Woo Seok (TOP)

(Rose to #3 in popularity after his killer performance as the center of the "Love Shot" group.)

4. Lee Eun Sang (Brand New)

(Until before last week's evaluation stages, he was #3 in popularity; however, thanks to Kim Woo Seok's rise, the top 3 are now being called 'The 3 Kim's'.)

5. Son Dong Pyo (DSP)

(Most netizens suspect that the first center of a 'Produce' series theme song will ultimately make it in the debuting team. However, this contestant is not likely to make it in the top 3 this season, netizens believe.)

Who are your current top 5 picks for 'Produce X101'?

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JR___JR95 pts Thursday, May 23, 2019 3
Thursday, May 23, 2019

I just don't understand with MinGyu, fans of his will say he is improving etc but what about the other trainees that already excellent than him? what makes them then? its not fair.

please don't choose only based on looks and popularity sigh


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realitycheck21 pts Thursday, May 23, 2019 0
Thursday, May 23, 2019

Five you say? Kim Guk Heon, Song Yu Bin, Kim Yo Han, Kim Hyun Bin, Hwang Yun Seong. These are the trainees that I couldn't ignore. The first two have proven and undeniable talents while the other three have potential in spades. Admittedly, this is an unfair list as we have yet to be shown the complete group battles.

As to the whole Min Gyu debacle here is what I have to say. He seems like a really genuinely nice guy. A nice young man who will grow up to be a good adult. However, as to singing and performing, he's not there yet. Oh who am I kidding, he's not there at all. I really feel awful for his Jellyfish labelmate, Jun Seong, who has that beautiful voice and could dance well but is given little to practically no screen time by Mnet due to Min Gyu's good looks and overwhelming popularity.



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