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Going through a rough patch? Here's a Kpop Playlist to help you heal


At times we might face a problem in our lives that render us upset, hurt or just extremely lost. If that's the case, I've compiled a playlist just for you. Some of these songs helped me through dark times and I hope they can help you too if you are in need of something to help you heal as well. 

    1. Breathe - Lee Hi 

    "Breathe" by Lee Hi is a fan favorite when it comes to songs meant for healing. Lee Hi’s soulful voice with the beautiful lyrics written by the late Jonghyun is extremely comforting and a go-to song for anyone going through a hard time. “It’s alright I’ll hold you, you really did a good job”, sometimes, these comforting words, although are just words, are really all that we want and need to hear when we feel hurt and lost.

    2. Untitled, 2014 - G-Dragon

    "Untitled, 2014" will always be a song that really touches the hearts of fans. From the emotions that G-Dragon puts into the song to the hard-hitting lyrics of hoping to get to “love again, just as we were”, the song is relatable and it conveys the feeling of pain and longing that is innate in most of us.

    3. I’ll Smile Even If It Hurts - Ladies’ Code

    This song really hurts for fans of Ladies’ Code, who tragically lost two members, EunB and RiSe in a car accident. The song speaks of how it is hard to accept the fact that someone you love is suddenly gone but we should keep smiling because the person we lost would want us to be happy so we should “think of (them) and smile”. The song helps us feel pain, confront it and grow stronger from it.

    4. End of a Day - Jonghyun

    A very memorable line in the song “You did a good job today, you worked so hard” means a lot to many, because sometimes, that is all we really need to hear. The song speaks about ending a tiring day and how someone’s presence, the small gestures that they do can actually end up meaning so much to us. The song also addresses how we all aim to be able to be someone’s comfort one day, especially for the ones we love. Thank you, Jonghyun for writing this beautiful song.

    5. It’s Okay - BTOB

    Sometimes, all we want to hear is ‘it’s okay” and that is exactly what BTOB tells us in the song It’s okay. The beautiful, empowering lyrics accompanied by the melodious voices of BTOB will definitely warm both your heart and soul.

    6. Baby Don’t Cry - EXO

    As seen from the title, “Baby Don’t Cry," it is a song that helps you feel the sad and pained emotions that you are currently going through. As an EXO-L, this is one of my favorite songs to listen to and I believe it can help you get through the toughest of times when you are feeling hurt.

    7. 2! 3! - BTS

    This song is so amazing is because it talks about how there are hardships in life that we have to go through and how life isn’t always full of “flower trails”. However, we can make it through hard times, and there will definitely be better days to come. It is a song to thank ARMYs for always being by their side, through it all, and it is a reminder that things might not be perfect now, but it will work out in time to come. When we are stressed or upset, we need to take a step back, to count “one, two, three”, smile and focus on the positive to tide us through.

    8. Last Dance - Big Bang

    Before going on break, this was one of Big Bang’s final songs and it means so much to fans because it captures the emotions of that moment so well. The lyrics which translate to “Remember this moment, forever if you must, just one last dance”. This song helps to heal because it gives us something to go back to, a better time, with only the good memories.

    9. Goodbye Road - iKON

    Goodbyes may be hard at times and iKON’s "Goodbye Road" captures the emotions of that very accurately. The lyrics “after you leave me, I hope you only walk on the path with flowers”, this is the best thing we can hope for when we lose someone. To accept that someone will do better even without you beside them is the first step towards healing.

    10. Way Back Home - Shaun

    Shaun’s "Way Back Home" is definitely a song that calms one down when you feel a bit at a loss of what to do. The wholesome lyrics remind listeners about how “(they) will never be alone” and it speaks about always finding a way to return to a place of comfort, one’s home. Way back home has an amazingly warm feel to it and it has the healing ability to make anyone who listens to it feel at peace.

    11. Walking - VIXX

    VIXX’s "Walking" is a song that says “well done, you’ve worked hard, thank you” to the people that have been around with them for the whole journey. The heartfelt lyrics crafted for their fans makes it an extremely comforting song that assures the people listening that they are never walking alone.

    12. Palette - IU ft G-Dragon

    This collaboration between IU and G-dragon is honestly amazing as they shed light about growing up. The lyrics “Don’t be afraid when darkness casts a shadow. You’re so beautiful your petals will in full bloom. You’re a kid who’s always loved. YOU” will always get to me because sometimes we need that as a reminder. The song addresses how as we grow older, we start to know ourselves a bit better and that’s amazing.

    13. I - Taeyeon ft Verbal Jint

    This song by Taeyeon and Verbal Jint is a beautiful and meaningful one. It tells us about how the difficulties and pain that we have undergone in the past were all preparing us to become the stronger and more amazing person that we are today and because of that, we will be able to “fly higher”. It helps us to recognize hurt felt and learn to heal and grow from those experiences.

    14. Epiphany - BTS' Jin

    This is another beautiful song by BTS that really helps you see what is actually important in life. In Epiphany, Jin sings the very impactful line “I’m the one I should love in this world” and these are lyrics though simple, is something that should resonate within everyone because the first step towards healing is definitely self-love.

    15. Jaljayo Good Night - TWICE

    Last but not least, TWICE’s "Jaljayo Good Night." If you have trouble falling asleep at night, this is the perfect song to help you. The sweet angelic voices of the twice members will soothe you to sleep and help you feel healed and rested as they tell you to “rest comfortably”, “have strength,” and “good night”.

    I compiled the full playlist on YouTube here.

    What songs help you heal?

    1. G-Dragon
    2. BTOB
    3. BTS
    4. Jin
    5. EXO
    6. Taeyeon
    7. iKON
    8. Ladies' Code
    9. Lee Hi
    10. Jonghyun
    11. TWICE
    12. VIXX
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    k_kid2,872 pts Wednesday, May 1, 2019 0
    Wednesday, May 1, 2019

    The best IU song to play to heal is 'Through the Night'. I don't know how this song wasn't added here in the list. The lyrics in Korean is so beautiful and it was written entirely by IU as well.



    Kiuru47 pts Thursday, May 2, 2019 0
    Thursday, May 2, 2019

    I would also add "She's In The Rain" or "Take Me Down" by The Rose to this list. These songs have helped me a lot



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